Wednesday, February 3, 2010

glossy adolescents.

checked out Hanna's blog today. IT'S SO FAB and GLAM. like totally ADULT and ENGLISH. seriously. I know she's from UK and all, and anyone would predict that from her, but she PROMOTES PERFUME FOR VALENTINES GIFT. like, why don't you promote a Papou Fruit for once? "Give this to your beloved one and you will stay with that person forever, where ever you are." :P

I also checked out someone else's blog. he seriously has a problem.

I also received an invitation to enter the group "I LOVE SRI AMAN'S GUARD". HAHAHAHA you know, she's very popular. ;) she always talk to us SUPER FAST and no one will ever understand. all we do is nod and said "Yeah. Yep. You're right. Totally." even when she's asking us something. so siape jadi mangsa, sorry la. no one will help you. seriously.

I never knew this happened, but she also asks bra sizes and underwear colour of random people. the underwear was a junior (dari SSP punye friend) and the bra size was a random person's mom. like LOL. I never knew. maybe because I never really understood pun.

I have written 6 pages in my journal for two days. ;) I also added a specialty at the end of every entree, I will put in creative lyrics. and also the title of the song. I think Pn. Noraini wouldn't really understand the concept of it, but if I did it for blogs mesti best kan? but I malas. i blog a lot, so yea.

and now I'm also hesitating to write more because I'm not sure whether it's once a week or up to us. I prefer up to us because I love writing, and some people may not love it.

xo, Lynnie.

p.s, I posted Umar's picture because I typed this in mom's laptop. and Sri Aman girls are SO photogenic! I'm not in these pictures nor am I friends with these people (except Shu who's only in one pic) and I also do not follow this girl a.k.a. Bobby a.k.a. Hsu-Ven. SO IF ANY 1-A'ers WHO'S READING THIS BLOG, DON'T ASK ME. i got the link from Kaii's blog laa. =.= better kecoh then being bad-mouthed. CLICK HERE

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