Wednesday, February 24, 2010

guy girl story.

Okay so as I was going back home and listening to the lame Spider song on Hot FM (malas nak tukar, dad seems to enjoy it) I was thinking about a scene I saw at the canteen just now. Okay let's just say my school is a co-ed school (which it's not). the classes remain the same. So there was this two girls I remember from 1D last year. One very tomboyish like. the other very girly tapi teramatlah kasarnya. if you're close with her, beware of making fun of her. she may hit you. hard.

So let's just call the tomboyish one guy and the girly one girl. because I could not dare say their real names. may accidently make a rumor.

Okay maybe just the first letters. L and E respectively. both Chinese, I think. not sure bout L. Okay anyway, as I said E is very kasar a.k.a. rough and L is very SKINNY. so just now I saw E pulling L HARD to the opposite way she was facing and it seemed like she could fall that very minute but she didn't. phew. and so in the car I was imagining where they were going. So this is what I've come up with with my brilliant imagination.

I'm sorry guys. I'm so sorry.

E pulled L's arm hard. He was talking to his buddies but she couldn't waste more time. They HAD to talk. L almost fell hard, but her kept his balanced and turned to E. 

"Where's we going?!" he asked, feeling like he couldn't keep up with E's speed.

"We're going some where to talk," was all she replied.

They walked fast past the crowd in the canteen. E pushed through everyone blocking with no mercy while L was stopping here and there saying sorry, but was pulled back by E. They got through the crowd, and now into the free air from the canteen. But E was still forcing L to follow her.She was still gripping on L's wrist. L suddenly realized how serious E is. So he just followed.

Soon E stopped walking and pulled into a corner where there was no one in sight. She pulled L with her. "E, what's going o-" E stopped him by landing her lips on L's. After a while L kissed back, and E put her hand on L's face. They just made out for a while, knowing no one was watching them. They knew what they're doing's wrong. It just is.

E released her mouth and began to breath deeply. when it seemed like she stopped breathing at all, tears start to stream down her cheek.

"E?" L called out, holding E's hands. E let go and covered her eyes while sliding down to the floor. She sobbed and sobbed. L knew why she cried. He just didn't have the guts to say anything. He knew E. She would just fight back. So instead, he went down to the floor and hugged E. E didn't do anything. She just sobbed some more. This is wrong. None of this should happen. None of it.

I KNOW IT'S SO DRAMATIC. But I think I love this story. and yes, the reason it's wrong they kissed is because they're both girls. And I know I wrote L as a guy in the story, it's just so that I wouldn't feel weirded out whenever I see them. I'm friends with E, sometimes we'll throw smiles at each other, but I never talked to L before. 


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