Wednesday, February 24, 2010

happy candid day.

I know it's supposed to be posing, as told by Lea, but I prefer candid. it's such a cool word. ;)

And I had to read Zaza's blog to remember that we did our class photo today. :/ SO forgetful.

Yeaa, it was UBER fun! I had to sit in front :/ I didn't want to because my skirt was dirty but what to do. AJK BI. But I bet it'll be totally weird, cuz I pakai tudung and stuff and AJK BI slalunyer Chinese.. ahahaha... got a story for that later...

Anyway, we got one official shot and two candid shots so first candid was "g" (make a "C" for right hand, "L" for left hand and put it together ^ ^) for GIGIH (We're so AWESOME ;D ) and second was that guy Khairin and Nadhrah knew so well... it was sort of like Superman plus Ultraman thing... but it was COOL. I hope I don't look like a dope because usually if I smile too big or try to look good too much it'll turn out like I'm a NERD. :'( That's the disadvantages of being me. I'm not photogenic at all.

then during English we did Oral test (yeaa, if you're yellow minded it'll sound so WRONG like the other day we were picking a tokoh and we said "Nicol David" and Xueh Wei said, "Oh yea I used her for my oral thingy last year" and we were laughing out loud saying "What oral THINGY" and Xueh Wei keep slapping Anesha's arm :P I tak kena! XD) and Qian Rui was TOTALLY memorizing a story she wrote and it included "people scurring for a shade" and "tall, slim figure" so it seemed like it came from a book. and Pn. Noraini told her she could be a writer and my ears were burning as other book lovers were saying the same. you know how much I hate competition.

then during KH.. well after KH lah... (I hanged out with AFIQAH for KH ;) As usual. she's so COOL ;D ) after KH we had to hurry because teacher had to go for a jamuan (====.====) and unluckily I bertugas this week. So I cepat-cepat sapu and just push it under the sowing machines because takde siape tau pown :P and I saw some people changing so I was like I WANT TO CHANGE TOO so I hurriedly took my bag which contained my PJ clothes and went inside and teacher was like "Tak payah nak ngade-ngade! Keluar cepat!" So i tak sempat... and Nazureen kene halau so there was a free show at the balcony :P Maryam was laughing her ass off.

so after the kecoh-kecoh I went back to class to see if any of the group A people was still there and there WAS XD miracle. so I changed there. ;)

we were supposed to go hiking for Pandu Puteri but instead we did the whistle thing. I could recite all seven types of whistle sounds and its meanings now. ;) we also played some games IN THE 40 DEGREE CELSIUS HEAT. tapi takpe lah. ;) I was Ketua Bunga Raya for one day.

Got more to say but I'll keep it or later ;)

xo, Lynnie

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