Sunday, February 7, 2010

happy evening.

I had a good 5-6.30 p.m. because...

My parents and I discussed about me future (imagine me in Berkley University in California ;) )
My parents listened to me play. like, actually LISTEN.
I saw my juniors in News Straits Times! X) that's MY library!!!
I remembered about B.

okay fine, maybe it still has that affect when I think about him. The feeling's still there, you know, He's there, I stop for a while then continue with my life. He left a big footprint in my life, and the affect will never change until I find another that'll leave a bigger print. and I don't think that will be soon.

What I remembered EXACTLY about him?

I remember him giving out his trick's secret to me and not to Nuhan.

I'm guessing he wanted Nuhan to figure out himself, since it's in his blood (the trick is to remember MONKEY and Nuhan looks like a MONKEY not to ejek but it's the TRUTH you got to believe it) but it gave me something to think about, until now.

Then it went on to other things, such as when I gave him a birthday present for his birthday through Cynta (she gave me permission to enter 6 Melur =.=') and then mase balik I totally went highest class of nervousness and totally embarrased myself. you don't wanna know.

Then it came to me being one of the earliest to come for his birthday party (didn't want to come empty handed, gave him my bookmark =.=").

Which led to the last day of school. Biggest. Thought. Ever. It stayed until about March or April of 2009. Yea, it was such a big thought. You'd think girls are complicated, but this guy BEATS THE ASS OUT OF GIRLS.

Then I also remember SSP Sports Day 2009. we came. I was utterly not ashamed, being in a girl's school have brought the shame out of me. I was open, not as quiet as I remembered. And he was rather silent. observing what the affects of entering a girl's school to us (Me and Lana, although Lana's been like that since she entered SSP. which was, i dunno, standard 4? yea sort of).

and you know, it IS the girl's school, not growing up. what school we enter really changes how we grow up. I think if I went to Samad I'd be living under a rock now. or maybe more exposed to non-profitable things than education. it really isn't how much we've grown up, it's more of the surroundings. i think.

xo, Lynnie

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