Thursday, February 4, 2010

hyper-active recess and mean day.

even though this blog skin doesn't show titles, yet I give every post a title. > <"

anyway, forgot. I TOTALLY WENT HYPER DURING RECESS. Even me myself couldn't believe how fast I was talking to Nurin and Iman. and during BM we did Ringkasan and the text was about aedes mosquitoes and how they could reproduce without the male mosquito and it's called asex (aseks). and after that we had a free period (well, 1/4 way, then teacher came in =.=') and Xueh Wei went "asex-sex-sex-asex-asex-sex-sex" LOL.

and Anesha (a.k.a Anney > <) wanted to go home and bathe and eat chocolate. so she went "go-home-chocolate-bathe-go-home-chocolate-bathe" LOL.

And I was going "ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha". LOL.

lol. crazy crazy us.

And I'm threatened by my mom. heh-SHEESH.

Kingdom Hearts Fan-Fiction Stories.  I will soon post one. ;)

xo, Lynnie

p.s, why don't the Interactors send those chocolates to that Agama Private school in Ampang of which my friend goes to? Then I could send the chocolate to her. ;) Now I have no valentine. :/ well, tak elok pun celebrate.

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