Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am a square enix gamer.

you know, I've noticed that I only play mostly Square Enix games. Like KH and FF. sure,  play Harvest Moon and Sims and Metal Slug and all that, but not as much as I do Square Enix games. like, it's unlogical that you die, get three lives, then when it's game over you can pick another character to play, and YOU'LL NEVER LOSE.

and for Harvest Moon, well, you got to not have a life to actually be addicted to it. you do the same effin thing everyday. then you'll get money and buy new stuff and then buy new cows which won't give milk >:( PLUS i never knew you could marry that brunette girl! I wanted her all along! but NOOO you got to make me give it to that Blonde girl instead. >:(

Sims, well, not that it's not interesting, I just prefer the PC one (because you can zoom in when you woohoo and then it'll get pregnant and you can do all sorts of stuff and download Kingdom Hearts items and not have items that need unlocking and can buy these add-on stuff like University (where you go to university) or Night Life (where YOU CAN BUY A FUCKING CAR) and many other possibilities!!!) and you can't do any of those in PS2 version, now, can ya? ;) problem is, my PC can't read DVD and the CD version is UBER EXPENSIVE. the only reason that separates me from it. :'(

that pretty much summarizes reasons I practically only play Square Enix games recently. because they cost 8 bucks at most (pirated, ofc) and they have a bunch of games for PS2 and they have a story line. not just shoot people and and die then live again then win. now playing Final Fantasy XII. Loving it. only I prefer FFX cuz it's more of individuality but CD rosak. what to do.

xo, Lynnie

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