Thursday, February 25, 2010

I got my laugh back.

So I haven't laugh hard this year. And I got my stupid laugh back. (yess, because of annie, will explain that later) Last year my stupid, extremely funny laugh was that my face would be squished as I try to control it. so now I don't even try. it'll be a loud annoying blast of "AHAHAHAH".

so how did i get my laugh back? well, wait, i DID laugh hard this year! but never mind. that's one freaking time. anyway. first was during recess and i totally embarrassed myself. we were talking about like and hate, and suddenly i saw L, you know, from yesterday, and I immediately was like, was E from 1D last year??? and Iman wasn't here last year but she knows E from taekwando (TOTALLY SUITS HER LIKE HELL) but Nurin doesn't know her! i wanted to ask if she was in 1D, and i described her SO WELL but i guess she wasn't sure. but in the end we were like, why did i ask if she knew her?

right. because I wanted to know if she was in 1D. LOL or in bm KDK (that joke will be later on explained)

then in class (umm, after agama... sejarah) .. wait after sejarah... sivik, yes. see, for sivik we had to do a whole bunch of things and one of em was pick a person u like the most and why (admire laa). so i wanted to pick cassie, but she's from 2H so i picked Anesha. Annie and Tammy were doing each other, nobody did me :'( NOBODY LIKES ME. ugh, somehow i terase teramat-amat. tadi takde plak. okay anyway so we had to ask like languages we usually use and me i have BM and BI Xueh Wei had BM, BI AND Mandarin and a bit of Hokkien :O but Anesha only uses BI so we dared her to speak in BM for the rest of the day. she didn't made it, but we dared it to next Monday ;D SO FUNNY we made a LOL in BM and it's ketawa dengan kuat so KDK. AHAHA i mean KDK! XD

then we went back home~ i skipped Japanese cuz i forgot to bring my books :P so no point right? so at first i wanted to ask Sab Sab to write notes for me, then she's not coming neither, so she asked Qian Rui. I wanted to ask Qian Rui too, but kesian so I asked Chloe ;) YAY hahaha~

so I called my mom (met Xueh Wei and she lent me some syilings! ;) and i cut line :P SO LONG!) and looked like a dope, everything falling from my hands (being in this school means bringing more than one bag :P). then went outside and met Xueh Wei again! i wanted to babble about KH because I felt like and everyone knows how obsessive i can get about Kingdom Hearts so she said "NO NO !!" ahaha~ then saw Hanan then saw Nurin then saw Annie! Xueh Wei dared Anesha to go to her dad and say bye and sit back there for 10 seconds. at first she didnt want to do, then Tammy said "Then I'll triple dare you!" then she ACTUALLY DID IT and after she closed the door we were laughing out loud and Xueh Wei was pushing her back to her car and as they went off, we laughed some more!!! XDDD

so that's the story of how i got my stupid laugh back. ;)
Happy Holidays for tomorrow! ;) i dont even know the occasion =.=

xo, Lynnie

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