Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i want everything as long as it's free.

today I bertugas paint banner with Azrianna, Zulaikha and Cynta! xD it was so FUN. I wanted to do blue and yellow, tapi takleh. :/ then after a while we just let them choose more than one colour. ptcch.

googled Akuroku pix (I dont know why i did this! I tot I was against Roxas being gay!) and here's a few that i found that were really nice :)


I KNOW I KNOW It's just Roxas looks HOT so I can't resist. x(

This is beautiful. And I'd like you guys to see it in the friendship way? Thanks.

And I searched for Namine and Roxas too! XD


So cute right? I like Namine's blouse. Would like to have one. ;)



So romantic~


And the best for the last...

HAHA i LOVE this one <3

Okay nighties. just wanted update. ;)

xo, Lynnie

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