Friday, February 26, 2010

koreans are too nice.

eheheh i downloaded sony vegas 8.0 and am now watching tutorials :P I like it so far. very satisfying and adventorous (so much to discover mah!)

anyway, i actually chatted with Sandra on YM today! ;) to whoever doesn't know who Sandra is, she's my Korean pen pal. we've been emailing each other ever since last year during the holidays. and she's WAY too nice! she emailed a couple of praises! i just dunno how to praise her because in life, i've learned not to judge someone too easily. let's give examples, kays? these were taken from original emails.

  well... lynn i'm really sorry about i'm not in malay...
i want to go there and listen to ur agony...
and cry and laugh with u... i really want to that
but i'm in korea i'm really sorry about that ur agony..
  well! i think ur in puberty. i think everyone likes u and loves u. because ur kind, good girl.
And i think u r acute now. take a breathe, and take a relax.
when i was in puberty i thought many times like u. but it was just my mistake idea.
so don't  negative think! positive think okay?
  and i'm ur friend too! please don't think about u r alone.
i will always with u. we r friend. right?
cheer up lynn! everyone loves u!


too. kind.
yea sure, she made me smile and felt like crying, but none of my friends here would say that cuz they know how i am.

and yes, malay does mean Malaysia. ^ ^ lol.
next email~
this is what i replied~

Thanks Sandra! I'm so happy.
You know what, I've always been the positive thinker in my group so maybe you're right.
I'm thinking too much. :) It's just that...
I have a very bad temper, that's why I think people don't like me.
Sigh. never mind.

so anyway, do you have a boyfriend? ;)
none of my close friends have one, but some people in my grade have one.

xo, Lynn

so she replied~ ;)

yeah, i'm happy too lynn.
i'm really happy when u happy
no u don't have bad temper. u r a good girl u know.
and u r my best fried. u r smart, kind and totally cute.
and...yeah i have boyfriend.. please keep in my secret...
Actually it' not school student everyone know...=)
than how about u? u have boy friend?
i think u have a nice boy friendXD because u r kind... good girl3:-D

ur korean friend

again she praised me. maybe she's expecting a praise herself.
so i replied.

ahaha, actually i don't have a boyfriend.
i bet if i do, he'd think i'm boring or rough.
but, you know, maybe it's just because i'm just like that.
except it's not that i'm boring
sometimes i just don't know what to say.
but it'll be cool to have one!
i've never had one before... :(

xo, Lynn

i know everybody who's single her whole life feels the exact same way. 

oh. that's weird. why boys are doesn't like u?
maybe boys are blind...kkk
ur attractive and kind!
umm... maybe boys are hide their feeling that like u...kkk

lol. MAYBE ;D i know so prasan.

ahahaha thanks XD
actually it's not that they don't like me, it's just that they don't like me in that way.
i had this guy who liked me,
but i didn't like him that way so he didn't become my boyfriend. ahaha.
and i've liked plenty of guys, but they don't like me back. :P
that's such a typical thing already.

IT'S TRUE IT'S TRUE ahahah XD I'm Meg Giry :P

oh... u will have a great boyfriend! don't worry! because u r niceXD
u r in online! can u connect yahoo messenger?
if u can i will wait..


now she's not replying to my question  -- how much does a loaf of bread cost. XD 
i know it's a random question, but there's a reason to it! you see, in Japan, a loaf costs 200 yen. and 100 yen is about 2 bucks so YEA A LOAF COSTS 4 RINGGIT. that's why i asked, dummy. but she didn't answer. :'(

so now i'm gonna watch these tutorials ;)

xo, Lynnie ;D


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