Monday, February 8, 2010

missing a book.

I miss my journal. :'( It's still at Pn. Noraini. I'm wondering what she remarked about it.

I gave up on What Katy Did. so she did a few nice stuff. I know she did somthing else later on, but it's SO SLOW. I can' wait any longer.

I also borrowed "Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul 2" from Tammy. And I still haven't finished "Cinta Laksa & Ubi" from Laila. So my plan was, if I finish a chapter in Laila's book, I can read a story in Chicken Soup. :) It's a plan so that no book is left behind.

Haven't been writing any stories. I wonder if anyone's waiting for Flovine. I don't like to keep people waiting, but I don't know how to explain what happens next in story form. It seems like everyone's having a writer's block. That guy haven't updated the story for a while now. okay fine his last update was a few days back but STILL. okay fine that doesn't count.

hmph. I want to edit vids but I have no ideas. I want to write but no idea. Do I ever have any ideas for entertainment other than internet???

xo, Lynnie

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