Friday, February 5, 2010

my friend is an asshole.

You're not a true friend if:

- You make a friend's bad situation worse.
- You hurt a friend's feelings, even if it's Mean Day, it's not supposed to scar the heart.
- You reply a "When are you gonna update your blog" with a "go fuck off." or something like that. what is it Hanis? i cant remember.
- You decide to ignore a friend just because that person is in the group that has a legacy of winning.
- You call that group (from above) "POYO" even when that friend of yours is there.
- You decide to ignore your friends whose groups have gotten the top two places in school.

Well, buddy, yellow deserved that last place. Well, 40% of yellow house. the other 60% are NICE PEOPLE. You have got yourself a name under the G.O. person's category - an Effing Biatch.

So didn't get any points for Blue House. :'( DON'T WORRY THOUGH. We're not so close below Red House! WOO. I heart the Red House. THEY'RE NICE. Maybe it's because it's their season (Valentine's-Red).

You know, I'm proud I didn't tell Farah Vazeer what I meant to tell. Better not know "The Story" than hurt A FRIEND'S FEELINGS, RIGHT?

xo, Lynnie

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