Monday, February 8, 2010

nobody knows who I really am.

I hate when my lens falls out of the frame. I wonder if I should wear the glasses I use outside of house at home. Hm.. Nanti rosak mata karang. takyah lah.

Today was FUN. Want to upload a pic, but dunno where the memory card reader is. :/ Tammy said maybe we could make our OWN Hilo Puppets video! Then she'll be like, "Wei, Wei, Tam Xueh Wei" and Annie will be like "Anesha, Anesha, Anesha, Anesha" and I'll be like, Elyna, Elyna, Elyna, Nur Elyna" KEHEEHEEHEEHEE! If you don't understand the heck I'm talking about, here's the video.

And the original:

Tammy's obviously the first one a.k.a. Sean a.k.a. Snape (from second video).
Annie's the Jason guy or Hermione.
I'm the Tim Enos guy a.k.a. Ron Weasley.
We're still casting for Kyle-chun and Ryan. Sesiape nak, cakaplah! We'll be happy to take you. ;)
OH and Helga Fontanela a.k.a. Voldemort!

House practice was tiring. Although didn't do much. :P I miss marching! check-one-two-left-left-left-blue-left-huk-check-one-two! KYAHAHAH.

OOH new video. Haven't watch it yet and already 3 views. :P keheeheehee nasib baik I tag SMK(P) Sri Aman. Yea, that's the trick right there. Now it's SBP and stuff bet you a lot of people would be searching for videos of us.

xo, Lynnie

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