Saturday, February 6, 2010

not the girl you would imagine.

Lately I've been visiting a lot of blogs that're similar to SHL. These girls are the kind of girls who prefer MySpace than Facebook. They write, instead in BM rather than English. They're no girls like this at Sri Aman, or at least I never met one. If they're not the English type, then they wouldn't really do anything to get themselves noticed. Ape lagi tulis a blog specially for short stories. Lagi la. (ee, I love the cello player in All The Right Moves by One Republic -ade kat playlist, first song-)

Anyways, which brings me to this question - I wonder if people read my writings and this blog, without EVER seeing my picture, can people imagine how I look like?

Will they imagine a girl like Elia? Brown hair, anime freak? Will they imagine Cassie? Chinese Muslim? Will they imagine Talya? Dah khatam tapi macam tak pernah solat, and willing to wear pinafore to school? Or will they imagine me? Glasses, tudung, muka memang sah Melayu asli (walaupun ade mix Bugis, but that doesn't count)?

I wonder.

Where did this wonder come from? Well, I was thinking maybe the other writers would be wondering who we are, and when they see my profile through SHL, and see all my interests yang macam bukan typical Malay, and Hanis at least ade gambar die pakai tudung, and Nurin is like, just an additional author yang tak memerlukan banyak attention (kesian Nurin! but it really does seem like so.)

Okay my bro wants to use EEEEE SO ANNOYING walaupun sebenarnya satu hari takde kat rumah :P

xo, Lynnie

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