Saturday, February 13, 2010

of cute tops and selenge boys.

that is what my mom call people who's faces are like my bro's. like this.


 yes. that's his latest Myspace picture. but whatever. point is, people who looks like him, is called selenge. 

so long story short, my parents forgave me and we went for a trip to Tesco/Ikano. so first went to buy groceries. the trolley almost killed me. and selenge boys everywhere. 

then went to Ikea for lunch! we ate so much, I was so full... kuhuuhuu... more selenge boys.

then went to Ikano! it's where the fun started. why? cuz SHOPPING TIME. Mom bought me a new pair of half-inch heel and a simple t-shirt. 


and also Gempak.. well, Ayah bought me that technically.


then we went back home~ then I asked the big question. about my outing with my pals. it was so scary. I explained everything and after the third time of asking who's coming along, she notices it's multi-racial. she was like, "wait - multi racial eh?" "yea..." "okay." "YAY". TEEHEE can't wait! only hope that Tammy would be back by then... :( eesh. think positive, Lynn, think positive. okay.

first of all, MY FIRST TIME GOING OUT WITH FRIENDS! maybe I have before, but to houses or kenduries or birthday parties or with families. this is like, totally just us plus Laila's brothers and friends . so exciteeedddd... 

secondly, I'M SO GONNA BRING MY CAMERA. I might even charge it a couple of days in advance cuz I'm so excited. then I'm gonna post it on Facebook like all the popular kids do. then at least we'll be catogerised as "NORMAL" or at least fit in and have experience going out alone.

thirdly, planning to watch VALENTINE'S DAY~ kuhuuhuuhuu... this was actually the main plan, going for a movie somewhere. then Anesha invited me and I invited Laila and Laila suggested Tropicana then invited Lea. then I suggested we stick around and browse through the shops thinking, "OOH we can so have fun going through shops! eek, can't wait!" so now all that's left is planning the time. :))))

xo, Lynnie

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