Tuesday, February 9, 2010

of red faces and ghost stories.

so today was fun. again. okay fine you can consider everyday fun. kehehehehehe. yes, when I use that it means something really funny happened.

So after Agama (second period) teacher came in late so most of the students heard a ghost story. and I mean the "Johnny Story". if you haven't heard that one, you're the same as most of my class. haven't looked at the newspaper for a year.

then during recess me and Nurin and Iman played a fun game. It consists of 10 random guys and 5 random girls. KEHEEHEHEEHEE. ;)) then Lea and Laila joined! then we played with Nurin and Lea. FUNNY. ;D

Then after Maths we talked about a bunch of stuff! It started off with about Annie's dogs (a Shitzu and a Shitzu mix Terrier) then we talked about my cats (I miss Hensem and Hitam!!! :'( ) then teacher gave us the "Hah cakaplah, cakap.cikgu kasi mase nak cakap." So obviously the ten minutes that was meant for talking was spent silent. Except for me and Annie.

So we were talking about cats, right? and we were doing BM exercises. so we were trying to be as quiet as possible, but then I saw a question. and I immediately showed it to Annie.

"Di_____ saya menanam bingkai kucing itu."

We tried our best to hold our laugh, but it was kinda obvious we weren't quiet enough. Then came worse. We saw another question.

"_____ pun kucing saya Comel!"

BWAHAHAHAHA. what a coincedence. Tammy was looking at us as if we've gone nuts. Then teacher left and we talked about ghost stories. Annie told me about the Bouncing Head lady. Then I told her my own experience. Tammy was totally ruining it! She exagarrated to give the affect of "not scared at all". but the "gasp" after my story was convincing. ;) keheeheehee.

Then Annie told us her experience at her Aunt's house. Like it started off she was at the toilet. Then we said "Then you had a shower and blood start dripping from the ceiling!" "No!" "Then you saw a ghost!" "No~~~" "Then the toilet suddenly flushed by itself!"

me> drop on the floor and start laughing.

Tammy gave all those conclusions. like, wth?? ahahah, lol.

Okay back to Annie's story. Then the toilet seat raised up and dropped down all by itself! Tammy > I can conclude what the ghost's gender is. Me> Yea!! If Annie was showering, we'd know he's a pervert too! XD like seriously lol. Annie was kinda pissed off we made fun of the story so she told us another few stories about falling Tupperwares and arms being squeezed. We didn't make fun of those because we didn't have the time.

then I stayed back to bertugas at the Pusat Access (I'm a Briged Bestari). got a lot of experience today.

xo, Lynnie

p.s, do you think it's advisable to change my layout again? I'm tired of this one.

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