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ohmegawd, blush some more.

eee, I can't help it. sorry for annoyance but even without Roxas, he makes the story seem like the bet teen flick EVER.

“What time do you need to be there?” he asked.
“Around noon.”
“And what are you doing?”
“Working on a project,” she replied.
“Who’s going to be there?” he said in a mock parental like voice.
“Just some guys. The kids with the keg are coming later,” she joked.
Leon laughed. “I have taught you well. Any of the boys cute?”
Olette could feel her cheeks warming up, but shook her head.
Leon smirked. “We’re leaving in an hour,” he stated, leaving the kitchen.

pendek jer kan??? only problem is my blog, the font's too small. I don't wanna edit it because I'm afraid if it becomes UGLY. :/

“All I was doing was throwing the tennis ball at the wall,” argued a voice from someone coming down the stairs.
Olette felt a shiver go up and down her spine. Roxas!
“I know, but you know it pisses her off,” replied Axel as he and Roxas entered the living room. They both stopped when they saw Olette.
Olette gasped. Roxas’s face looked as if someone had tried to carve it off. There was dry blood over his right eye as well on his lip, where a cut was.
“Um,” Roxas stammered.
“Are you okay?” Olette gushed, jumping off her chair.
“Yeah I’m fine.” Roxas replied.
“What happened?”
“Got into a fight. You should see the other guy,” he joked.
Olette knew he was lying. Hasn’t he been in the mansion the whole time I’ve been here? She was going to ask for the real reason, but something in Roxas’s eyes made her stop. He must have a good reason for not telling me, she thought.
Roxas glanced down and noticed the necklace she was wearing. His eyes widened in shock, but snapped back to meet her own. He seemed confused, but smiled at her.
“Where’d you get that?” he asked.
“I don’t remember. Just found it earlier today,” she answered.
“Oh,” he responded, looking disappointed.
“Why do you care, Roxas? Do you want to buy one?” Demyx laughed.
“Har. Har.” Roxas sat down in one of the armchairs.
“Do you guys want to start a fire?” Axel asked, excited.
“Um?” Olette raised her eyebrows at him.
“He means in the fire pit in the backyard,” Roxas explained. “Axel likes fire.”
“Cause he’s so flaming,” Demyx teased.
Axel slapped the back of Demyx’s head.
“Ow! Why does everyone do that?” Demyx complained.
“Cause you’re an idiot,” Roxas and Axel both said.
Demyx mumbled something unintelligible. Olette laughed, causing Roxas to grin at her.
“What?” she asked.
“Nothing. I just like your laugh,” he answered, blushing.
I love making you laugh, Olette. Seeing you smile melts my fear away.” Roxas’s voice echoed inside her head. Roxas hadn’t opened his mouth, but she had heard his voice so clearly. It was almost like earlier in the morning when she had seen the scene from the woods. She was starting to feel like she was going insane. It wasn’t normal to see or hear things that never happened. Or what if they did and I just can’t remember? she asked herself, worrying about what was happening to her.

EE SO CUTE. I hope Olette remembers Roxas in the end. she's GOT TO. if not, this story is not epic. XPPP

I'm thinking that her memories of Roxas has something to do with Namine, so I got to wait until Namine becomes nice again.

Olette smelled Roxas’s jacket when he wasn’t looking. The scent was familiar and seemed to stir something from within her brain, but she couldn’t get a grasp on it.
She glanced up, noticing that while Roxas hadn’t seen her smell the jacket, Axel had. He smiled at her and mouthed ‘I won’t tell’.

how cute. oh gawsh. OOH i wanna try somethin.  <3 I hope jadi. Thivyaa thought me and the Effing Biatch.

Roxas chuckled. He stopped and reached out to move a piece of Olette’s hair out of her eyes. She felt her cheeks warm. The two of them stared into each other’s eyes, his a brilliant blue, hers a deep green. Roxas moved closer and Olette felt herself inch towards him. She closed her eyes, her heartbeat pounding in her ears.
“Roxas!” barked a harsh voice from behind them. The two of them sprang apart.

EEE I used to like Marluxia and now I hate him. this is gonna be one long post.

Okay fine I'm ending it here. And not because I'm tired (I got a full two hours sleep and woke up at 1! Yay for me!) but because I have piano class tomorrow morning. belum solat Isyak pun. haish. this procrastination thing is really affecting my whole life. Am at chapter ten of Erased (yes, that's the title of the story). Night/Morning!

xo, Lynnie

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