Sunday, February 21, 2010

omegling's fun.

Omegled with a 26 year old married guy.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: hello
Stranger: asl?
You: uh?
Stranger: dont u know what i mean?
You: no
Stranger: i mean i need ur asl
You: i dont hve an asl.. wtv dat is
Stranger: a=age, s= sex, l=location
You: OHH
You: okay thnx
You: 14, female, asia
Stranger: asia? wow, the same
You: really?
Stranger: i come from singapore,
Stranger: but i used to be a chinese
You: oh
You: im from malaysia
You: ;)
You: im malay
Stranger: neighborhood. nice to meet u
You: you too
Stranger: can u speak chinese?
You: no... but my friend can speak mandarin
Stranger: dont u learn it at school? i see in singapore, students learn it
You: no.. we dont learn chinese here
You: but there's chinese schools
You: that's where my friend goes to
You: or, went
Stranger: oh, i see
Stranger: so tell u my asl
Stranger: 26 m sg
You: oh...
You: u married to someone there?
You: in sg i mean
Stranger: right!
Stranger: i am working here as well
You: youre working as?
Stranger: i mean i also work here as a teacher
Stranger: in fact i'm still learning in the university
You: oh cool
You: what're u taking?
You: and wat do u teach?
Stranger: i teach Chinese while i am learning economy in china
You: what do u do in economy, actually?
Stranger: well, i only study in university. sometimes i write some articles for some money
Stranger: what's ur hobby?
You: umm
You: i write stories
You: and play the piano
You: you wanna read some? me and my friends post it on a blog
Stranger: wow! i want to see ur stories!
Stranger: and i can play the piano. also i play the clarinet
Stranger: ok, i'll watch it
You: oh cool
Stranger: do u like chopin?
You: emm im playing a piece for my grade 5 exam
You: Etude
Stranger: it's a nice piece. i really wanna learn to play the scherzo of him but i find it really hard wo do so
You: yeah, but it's really simple though
You: i'd like to hear the whole song
You: im googling about scherzo
Stranger: haha
Stranger: liszt's ?
You: ... never heard any of his songs.
Stranger: oh...
Stranger: who's ur favorite pianist?
You: ahahah, actually umm i just got into the classical world
You: so dont really know many pianists
You: okay sorry gotta go
You: OH last one
Stranger: i see.

Just for the fun of it ;D

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