Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OMG I LOVE THIS! Althought the only characters I know is Tidus, Yuna and Leon/Squall (in KH he's Leon, but in FF he's Squall LEONhart).

Hmmm... I wonder why Yuna's not a plain character in KH. She's such a great character. I mean, sure her version from FFX-2 was in KH2 with the other two girls, but they were like, fairies or something. and Tidus got a part in Destiny Island! X33 I really like how they use FF characters in KH. They're SO CUTE and I especially like the three girls from X-2 and Tifa and Aerith and Leon and C-C... something. AHH Cid! They were so cool in Hollow Bastion/Radient Gardens. Ngeh, I'm babbling KH crap.

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