Sunday, February 7, 2010

one eight five it is.

185th post.

“So, you’re Olette?” asked the black-haired girl, coming up to her.

“That’d be me,” Olette answered, leaning down and searching through her backpack for her book.

“How well does the redhead screw?”

Olette jerked upwards. “Excuse me?” she replied harshly.

“You heard what I said.” The girl smiled cruelly.

“I wouldn’t know. Do you always believe what you’re told?” Olette responded. Changing her tone to imitate the girl’s she replied, “Cause, like, FYI the last time I checked, belly fat hanging out of your shirt is not attractive, even if your BFF tells you that you look totally fabulous.”

The girl’s jaw dropped. She stormed off towards Selphie and the other girl.

“Buh-bye” Olette said, wiggling her fingers after the girl.

WOOT! I LURVE Girl Power!!! 

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