Saturday, February 6, 2010

ooh, discovery.

New discoveries from blogs. 

Number 1:


Got from Engku Nabihah's blog.
Fun fact about Engku's blog: First week of school, she wouldn't admit it's her blog when Laila found it. Then after a few weeks, we start asking for emails and blog URLs, she proudly gives it away without saying anything.

Number 2:

Got it from Amal, Hanis's friend's blog.

Fun fact: I found out about Amal because Hanis was having a post-it competition on their blogs. Sodecided to check it out. Found out she's a VERY GOOD camerawoman/girl. gave this a "is so much awesomer than that". Because it is. So cool, with the sesated girl on the most right yang pakai kain. ahahah.

OMG she looks like an Organization 13 member. OOH i want that outfit! (?) > <

xo, Lynnie

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