Sunday, February 14, 2010

perfection of your own.

phew. nine hour trip from house back again. saw UMAR! wow, he grows up fast. I LOVE UMAR. he's me Valentine <3 lol not really. Abang wouldn't allow that. :P

so just now mom reminded me about the twenty bucks I'll be getting every week for doing chores since she decided Kak Rina doesn't have to come every week, since we're old enough to do our own cleaning. and EXTRA ten bucks for the one who does extra (between me and Bakmal). although that ten bucks seems so tempting, i am a lazy person who does not clip her toe nails (i WILL tomorrow! sheesh. just waiting for the right time). BUT i am not gonna give it up this week cuz I need the money for the outing! oh, that reminds me to do something. bye and askum!

xo, Lynnie

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