Monday, February 15, 2010

pissed off. sarcasm.

yeesh. sometimes I just don't get that girl.


so went to KLCC just now. HANIS you balik PJ I pegi KL! sedih. i slept the whole way there. then when we went up the escalator from the parking floor, a AWESOMELY CUTE AND TALL GUY walked beside me! i was like, "omg omg omg fml fml fml" but biase jerla.

then went to iSetan and cute guys everywhere. and my tudung was a MESS. i was thinking "oh God, eff me already." then I saw this OTHER awesomely cute guy who was about my age and a few inches taller and HE WAS HELPING OUT HIS DAD. aww. so sweet. like how I always help mom out. ;)

then after that we went to Kinokuniya. ;)) AYAH BOUGHT ME A BOOK. YAY. although I wanted two.. oh well. at least he bought me one. then after that we went for dinner! ate lasagna.. mmmm, lasagna... :P then, I saw this super cute guy with hair like Kai, only a REAL guy. by then I wished we'd go and solat already. I want to betulkan my tudung.

then we did. then we went for bread and auntie anne. then went for Burger King ice cream. then went back home. ^ ^ sigh, I wished my bro left the memory card reader at home. :/

xo, Lynnie

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