Saturday, February 20, 2010

procrastination babeyh.

pergh. I procrastinate WWAAYYYY too much. I still haven't finished my Summary. Can't find a stinking thing about Rubinstein at all! Except that he was very sarcastic ;) well, we'll just have to skip the composer intro and go straight to the song.

i just got barely through Science. I calculated all the calories, but the most was 6000+! and we need 9200! But when I look back at the menu, i think I would've been full by the end of the day if i added more equavalant to too much calories. i dunno. so i just left it in my Science text book, as if hoping that the next day the total calories would be 9000.

and as for Sejarah. don't get me started. i dunno if it was the Skittles, but I definitely could not concentrate on reading about how Perak was falling (although I could memorize that there were Chinese gangsters there and they had a fight which cost the bijih timah and that Sultan Ismail got the Sultan title without going through the Raja Muda process [Raja di Hilir > Raja Bendahara > Raja Muda > Sultan] and Raja Ali was not happy with it because supposingly he's supposed to take the throne although if you look at the charts HE skipped too from Raja di Hilir to Raja Muda! so EFF YOU Raja Ali!) but after Perak I couldn't take it anymore. I ran off to mom's air-conned room and rolled my head around until mom came in and said "Kalau nak pakai laptop, pakai kat bilik mak" and so I did ;)

now the head ache has finally released. I think I'm gonna rread more of chapter 2.2 since it's such a long chapter :/

OH went to see Umar at Bentong. held him TWICE XD He's so adorable x3 Kesian kat Kak Ain kalau tengok ape yang die makan. Ikan kering (dan that one type of fish which I can't remember the name of) and nasi with kuah sayur :/ SERIOUSLY macam bubur!!! sedih giler tengok orang berpantang ni.

orait, night then. askum. ;)

xo, Lynnie

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