Wednesday, February 17, 2010


you know, Tumblr has that reblog thing when you see a picture or quote or whatever you like, and then you'll be able to reblog it on your Tumblr? I'm doing sort of the same thing, only Blogger style. ;)

Petunjuk Hingga ke Penghujung
written by Mohd. Azfar bin Nur Adlan (SSP pal!)

Daripada Anu Hurairah r.a., Nabi S.A.W bersabda:

''Bertakwalah kepada Tuhan kamu,tunaikanlah solat lima waktu kamu,berpuasalah pada bulan Ramadhan, tunaikanlah zakat harta kamu, dan taatilah orang yang mengendalikan urusan kamu;nescaya kamu memasuki Syurga Tuhan kamu.''
                                                                                                                     ( Riwayat al-Tarmizi)

Next, a picture from Eisyatur's blog..
Max Changmin, Zalika's Hubby! XD  

Oh God he's gorgeous. X3 

Hm... I'm thinking of what to make a video of... I downloaded a whole bunch of cutscenes, but you know, my video editor's very basic (Window's Movie Maker, mind) and malas giler nak download anything else and start learning how to use all over again. And I also have no idea what song to use EVEN if I have the slightest idea of a storyline. :/ Sigh.

Well. watching a lot of videos for inspiration. wish me luck. 

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