Monday, February 1, 2010

the spirit of 2 gigih.

okay, I'm taking kak meera's advise. LETAK GAMBAR SO THAT TAK NAMPAK BORING. boring ker??? huhu, sedih. :'(

so now I'm gonna post this funny situation that happened on our class. very story-telling like, might even post it on SHL.

Sambil tulis, sambil search for suitable picture. HAPPY READING CRAP. ;)

Okay so I got caught up in doing my algebra (not really, I HAD to do it or I'll never finish it. Not even officially finished, gonna copy from someone tomorrow). SUFFERED. kill me already, my head feels high anyway.

So gonna write the story after I give this paragraph from Hafizah's blog. IT'S SO CUTE I LUV IT TOO MUCH.

Because I trusted you guys. I mean, I have problems, OK! And I wanna use this (WARNING: THIS MAY HURT PEOPLE'S FEELINGS BUT, OOPS, TOO LATE!) 'Confessions Box' thingy because it sounds interesting (although I do wonder how many people would stuff pieces of paper with like "Does this thing really work?" "I'm pregnant! Quick! Call the doctors!" "Wanna make out?" "PENIS!" written on them into the box) but seriously. These are the people who are gonna be "helping me"? Or, at least, "helping me help myself"?

... "Its because your gay isn't it?"

kiruu... the last one was from our PRS Bulletin. You gotta read the thing to understand.

It's true, you know. The PRS's help us solve our problems, but what about their own? they're our age, what makes them smarter in solving problems than us? like, for example, the thing Hafizah wrote. What if someone DID got pregnant? what're you gonna do? gugurkan dah terlambat (kalau tak pun berdosa). just take care of it, try your best to be a good mom? YOU'RE SIXTEEN. we're not Americans', we're different. We have self-dignity. or something like that. conclusion is, if you have a problem, you don't just have to go to the PRSs no matter what the problem.

somethings are meant to be a secret. 
somethings are meant to be kept to yourself. 
somethings are never meant to be spoken. 

So the story, right? okay. here it goes.

It was free-time in 2 Gigih. The Sejarah teacher couldn't make it to class for a reason non of the students know. So all the students did their own job. Then there was this girl who apparently has finished her maths work (curse you, Khairin!), named, obviously, Khairin.
She stood in front of the class and caught our attention. She had something to say.

urgh malas pulak. long story short, Khairin told her mom we don't have a BM teacher so her mom went to the school office and met Pn. Yap. secret things happen that only us 2-Gigih-ians know, and in the end we DIDN'T get a BM teacher. so we set up our OWN STUDYING TIMETABLE. we were like protestors (?) - we don't get what we want, we'll do it ourselves. so we set up the whole thing, thinking of our own ideas. we were SO COOL. then suddenly Ms. Foo came to our door and said "Don't worry, nanti ade cikgu baru masuk untuk ganti BM." PARTY POOPER. we were so excited, we actually said we're excited. :(

so yea that's it. it was supposed to be so BERSEMANGATED (a word created by Hanna Hanafiah to describe how I was when I wished Cheryl Happy B'day.) until M.s Foo came along. =.='

and here's more from Hafizah's blog!
Honestly, people. YOUR, YOU'RE, THEY'RE, THEIR! It's not that hard, really. You're not five years old. You should know your past tense from your present like you do your ass from your boobs or Mickey Mouse from Donald Duck.


xo, Lynnie.


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