Friday, February 19, 2010

sunway pyramid needs more time.

we went to Sunway Pyramid just now. me, Laila, Adilah and Lea. I gotta admit, I had a wonderous time with Lea. most probably it's one of her good mood days. Her mom was so pwetty 83 and her mom and her were wearing matching clothes - black tee and jeans! ahahah~ I also noticed our bags were all black ;3 we're classy people. :P

then we went bowling. oh yea, before that had some fun time with Adilah and Lea at a CD store. was laughing out loud when Lea pulled out a Mandarin learning CD. "Let's go to the zoo!" ahahah~

Bowling was fun. We played two games, two people on each lane (yes, we very greedy took two lanes :P) I got a lane with Adilah. And I gotta say, compared to Lea and Laila, we were quite good. But when I told Abang we got 82 and 81 in total, he laughed. :/ PERGH.

I hate my mouse I hate my mouse I hate my mouse.

Anyway, after that we meant to go and take pictures at the Photo Booth xD I was so excited <--- first time pergi Pyramid. But then Adilah pulled us into this Korean make-up store. Laila sat at a corner SMSing who knows who. Adilah were looking SERIOUSLY like REALLY WANNA BUY at the make-ups and Nail Polish. me and Lea were playing around with anything that has a tester. xD the Dila didn't buy anything, Lea bought a nail polish :/

then we went to photo booth~ with 5 minutes to 5.30. pergh. we SO needed more time then that! and Laila and Adilah were totally not sure where it is. Then finally we arrived. (remember people, Asian Avenue is on THE TOP FLOOR not ground!) then we followed Laila's routes. Dilah stopped for a while to listen to Suju's song. >:/ ADILAH WE NEED TO HURRY! then we took some time picking a booth. then we did some mistakes here and there. So we got gambar yang biase-biase jer. huhu. :'( susah-susah decorate tau!!! and we did a slight mistake with the cutter so in the end Adilah brought it back home to cut. :/

then we went looking for Yasmin, Dilah's sis. then when finally found her already felt super tired like SERIOUSLY. then when she and her sis started trying out shoes me and Laila was like, "Umm, lets leave now." she called her bro and we waited at this.. place. her bro picked us up and didn't really have anything to talk about. ~awkward silence~ then I slept all the way back :P our plan was that My dad pick me up from Laila's house but die dah hantar rumah, nak buat ape. I think I said thanks twice.

sigh. what a great but yet tiring time we had.

xo, Lynnie

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