Friday, February 12, 2010

that girl's a genius.

you got to admit, this girl's blog is SO lovable. one of my favs kowt, and I love reblogging her stuff.

I tried on all their vests. It definitely fits better than our batch's. Majorly unfair. Oh, but let's not talk too soon - K***'s vest was practically square. You could fit a hand under it. I could fit a hand under mine, too, and you don't see me going my own merry way and altering it. I know this writing on the Internet thing (oh, blogging, right - duh -.-) doesn't leave much room for interpretation, but I seriously didn't mean any offense by that.

btw, she's a prefect. that's what she meant by vests.

And I stared the girl's name because I'm going to talk about her. she has been a baad girl. she deserves not only coal, but half a-sock of coals (is that better or worse?) . ofc, I'm exaggerating here, cuz everyone's like, "owh, K**'s so nice, K**'s the best, K**'s so cool." just pointing out the obvious, even HAFIZAH complained about her in her blog! okay, let me point it out, kays? just to prove a reason, even though everyone seems to love her so much, she can be corrected.

she sushes people too much. doesn't like noise? like, 40% of the time, you're the noise! you only shush people when YOU need silence. ptcch.

she complains too much, point proved by Hafizah's blog post above.

okay, here's the story. we were picking out people to be Student Council, one student from each class, then they'll do the rest of the work of picking out one from each form. so after a few votes, it was left with her and Nadiah. Obviously I'm rooting for Nadiah, since she always gets everything she wants (ie choir vice president at form 2, and form2 ajk at rumah Biru and who knows what else!). and APPARENTLY SO DID HER CLASS PALIOS. well, I couldn't blame them. prefect. almost a name on the boards of each club she joins. no way is she ALSO being Student Council.

(here's another spoiler too, Arshina had a big mouth and when nobody voted for K** she was like "AIYOO" and I bet K** heard it was her turn of votes and it meant two things  - no one voted for her or everyone voted for her, and it was obviously the first one)

so guess what she did. ignored when someone (can't remember who) was trying to pujuk her. did her work silently and moodily. if I was her, I would have at least PRETEND not to care. and she wanted to stay in class when it was voting time, "cuz she wanted to do her work". imagine if she stayed. I bet everyone would've voted for her. except me. cuz I didn't effing care if she doesn't like the fact that I think she wouldn't be a good Student Council. XPPP

xo, Lynnie

hafizah's blog - ade link at the red navigating bar.

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