Monday, February 1, 2010

this week's the school spirit week! yay~ yeepee~ woo~ huh.

okay, it's not that I'm not excited our school got top 20 top schools of the country, (don't believe number 1 in the news, that's bullshit. I KNOW there's a school better than us.) but I'm just tired from Merentas Desa practice. I just found out something. we're doing TEN KM.

I knew it was more than 5, like about 8 or so but TEN. ooh, they're good at lying. >:( just to get us running. you won't believe how much I sweat. I had to dry the t-shirt before I dared myself to throw it into the laundry basket.

I went at like 4.55, and reached at 5.35. X) So proud of myself.

and during Sejarah-Science, me and Anesha were gossiping about SSPians. she was asking me all my experience there. Obviously I started with me liking B for five years.

DID YOU KNOW AVINASH LIKED ANESHA?! Yeah!! when we were like, 8! I NEVER KNEW. Anesha hates him so much. He's not that bad, but you know. boys.

so I traded it with my experience liking this person from progress of sitting beside him during choir and playing Heart Attack a million times with him. and knowing his real game-play face. which is ugly but yet funny.


You know I once had a crush on a younger guy?
You know A*****, the head prefect 2007?
Yeaa, but he's-
Yea his brother.
Which was so funny~ Then we talked about how Santra was supposed to come to SSP, but since it's a co-ed school her mom didn't let her, so she went to Assunta instead. And the WAY Anesha said it was SO FUNNY. like,,

Her mom wouldn't let her go because there's boys there! B-O-Y-S! 

LOL. I always have fun talking to Anesha. She has this weird accent. not American accent, sort of Texas-ish, less Southern. Sort of. I dunno!

Choir Mr. Melvin totally caused us to hate him even more. He wastes so much time! I wish he'd come earlier la~ He's always late. Hari ni agak awal gak lah. 30 minute lewat. :P

Then after Merentas Desa practice I hanged out with Marishka, Sook Ching, Ches and their friends. Ches was so funny! She was like, I WANNA GO HOME AND SLEEP. If anybody says don't, I'll kill her. 

XD and there was this guy who was looking for a sister, i guess, who was walking around, and Ches was holding a bottle of water and went like,"If you come nearer I'll spray you!" lololol. this guy was totally innocent, he didn't even do anything but looked around for his sister, and he got that. good thing he didn't hear it. he was kinda hot, actually. you can see his quite masculin bod. but his face o-kay la. Chinese guys punye muke semua cute so skarang I tapis.

well, over did it there. but my blog, not about to erase it. 

xo, Lynnie.

p.s, Harith, I need your full email cuz I got some material for your "Inspiration Blog" thingy. IT WOULD MAKE IT A WHOLE LOT MORE BETTER.   

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