Sunday, February 21, 2010

to zanarkand.

my bro and I are addicted to the song or the intro of FFX To Zanarkand. I wish we had a better piano sheet of it.

And guess who finished her Sejarah notes? ;) WAHAHA thanks also too Bakmal for playing Dota so that I wouldn't go upstairs a minute or two. ;) He was reading me typing this and I was like JANGAN BACE and die cakap "Ape tajuk blog Elyna? "The Stories of a Girl..." "Bakmal takkan jumpenyer..!" "Masalahnye mesti ade kat History kan?" I thought "obviously now I could easily delete all histories of my blog..." but you know, nak sembunyi ape? All I didn't want him to read was the first paragraph AHAHA Bakmal would know why. I dunno if he's actually gonna look for my blog, you know... Since automatically signs me up :P

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