Wednesday, February 17, 2010

two three oh.

Still searching for inspiration. Found someone else to subscribe to. Sigh.

Blue for the colour of Roxas and Namine's eyes. ;) Maybe I should make a NamiXas tribute. sigh.

Storyline (really, you won't understand without it.) :

It starts off as Roxas meets Namine, befriending her as they spend time together. Roxas eventually becomes her guardian angel, protecting her and trying to save her from DiZ. But DiZ finally wins and drags her back to Castle Oblivion where she's alone and sulks as she meets Sora who instantly falls in love with her.

As the two journey through the castle, trying to find their way out, Roxas is falling into a deep depression back in Twilight Town. As they reach the end of their destination, Sora goes back to sleep to link all his memories of the adventure back together and Namine is captured by Axel.

As she fits in the chair wanting to go home, Axel takes pity n her and releases her. As she exits through the doors, she finds herself back at Twilight Town, watching as Roxas sleeps peacefully, the only time he looks calm. As he wakes up, Namine disappears, she doesn't want him to see her just yet. As the events of Kingdom Hearts 2 unfold, Roxas finally sees Namine but ignores her as he's attacked by a group of heartless.

Once he's back in his bed, he finds it hard to sleep afraid that if he falls asleep he might forget all about Namine. But as he closes his eyes, Namine smiles at him from his dreams.

Sigh. post number 230.

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