Wednesday, March 31, 2010


phew. that was close. no one noticed *wipes sweat off face* I was dreading some one would... nevermind.

my mom read the stories I picked to submit to Pn. Noraini. Fireflies didn't pass. Cookie Crumbles got an A-. and she didn't want to read Secret Behind the Alarm Clock. I should change that title. Well, Fireflies' not going in the school magazine.

Divya was so funny with the friendship bookmark thing. her quote was like
"Friendship is like wetting your pants. Only you can feel the warmth."

nuthin much.
missed you Joy. ;D

xo, Lynnie

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

stop it i hate you.

some people are so lucky to be so pretty and they act like boys. WHY?! you should appreciate it and be more girly so that... nevermind. i blurred this especially for you guys.
i hate you. i hate you hate you hate you. wear a baju kurung once in a while.

be happy i actually tried photoshop on this. hopefully you can see how pretty she is without knowing who she is.
argh i give up. just edited the brightness.

-picture was supposed to be here-

kyahah. no its not-- nevermind. too much clues will be given out then.
yes i do stalk the person.
she made it easy for me XD
okay stop giving out clues! urgh.
no more clues.

xo, Lynnie

...OMG CAN YOU SEE THE HOUSE TAG?! :O That's MAJOR exposure. cis.
wait NO im not gonna keep that here. people are smart.
... imma delete that now.
then no one can re-edit the brightness XD

high roxas and sora.

thecomputernerd01 RULES XD

bleach theme parody.

never knew these existed! XD

a must watch. FIRST watch THIS


Joy loled to it. I loved it XD i wonder how she did the kingdom hearts thing but with the bleach punye logo. she must be a VERY good photoshoper. i don't even know HOW THE 'ELL to use it.


*EDIT i found a NARUTO ONE xD -for Eva and others-


OH here's a parody SO CUTE XD sorry last one :P

ahah... i think you know... ENJOY XD


you guys might notice something. something. about one of the character. something.

i call it Studio You XD that's just sementara waktu kays. and no, it's not a short story. planning to actually write a light novel :D

The studio feels brand new and unused. They say it’s new in the school. I’m a new student. Everybody seems so unfamiliar, and they ignore my existence. They’re either engrossed in their practice or engrossed talking to their friends. I wouldn’t blame them. I’m quite a talker myself, but not really a friend maker. I place my violin under my chin and start warming up. I’m not the only one. Although it sounds quite noisy, nobody minds. That’s what an orchestra’s about.
I’m used to warming up, so my hands seem to do everything automatically. I lost my thoughts into wonders – whether I’ll fit in in this school and whether I’ll stand out or sink in with the rest. The orchestra had always been my life. Then my thoughts drift back to my old school, where my old friends were, and I knew everyone on the team, and everyone knew me, and everyone could talk to anyone.
I closed my eyes. I could hear the separate sounds of each violin. There were about five. As I grew deeper into thought, the sounds seem to fade. Then I remember my parents.
“Hello,” a voice said as my eyes pop back open.  In front of me stood a petite girl with dark blonde hair and a violin in her hand. She sat next to me, smiling. “My name’s Eve. What’s yours?”
“I’m Melanie,” I replied. “Mel for short.”
Mel! The familiar voice drifts in my head. It echoes in my ear. It’s annoying.
She nodded and started warming up herself. I looked around. Nothing changed. Everybody obviously didn’t notice me drift off into space. My eyes caught notice of a guy who was sitting with the rest of the guitarists. He had strawberry blonde hair, heavier on the blonde. He wasn’t really playing his guitar, neither was he ignoring it. He was just plucking the strings. Maybe he’s drifted off too.
“Hey,” Eve called. “Have you gotten the new score for ‘Take These Wings’?”
“Umm,” I hesitated. “I’m… new here so I didn’t really get any scores at all.”


boredom hits like a tornado. well not really.

i'm not about to explain what has been happening recently. lets just say it's very annoying.

so here's what's not annoying :D

-EEEKK EMBARRASSMENT MUCH. not gonna elaborate much just saying sumthin TOOTALLLY oblivious to everybody else. i malu sendiri jer. and well MAYBE that person.

-Biru practice :D I wonder if ... well I know that Yellow and Red has started the Tabik Hormat too (and so have we :D get ready to see the Avatars XD oh wait no SAPPHIRE :D actually i don't like that name so much. I don't like jewelry name other than "Pearl". has a ring to it.) Wondering if Green can catch up.. or HAVE they? :O maybe they're doing secret practices at the Green's Ketua Rumah's house so that everyone will think they didn't get ready so well and we'll underestimate them and they'll do better than us and we'll lose O.O no underestimations will be made by me.oh right forgot the bracket. )

-We've started on the choral speaking thingy :D well, sort of. we've started discussing and planning, but the script insya-Allah this Friday. We were warned! I remember like last year we were warned bout the BM komsas thingy like the day before the thing and we totally blew it. well we didn't even do the performance, hence awal-awal dah blew it. so like most of the classes didn't even KNOW bout it yet XD so consider yourself lucky to read my blog. you've been warned. it's on 29th April.

-oh Shiot i was ironing my baju skolah :O brb okay done :D now i just need to solat and I'm ready to sleep ;)

-i was thinking of something while ironing :/ N- OHH yea i'll do it in another paragraph :)

Hana from 1H last year and MAYBE 2E this year was FEATURED in a BOOK XD her and OTHER PEOPLE from my batch (aha, i wrote "bath" the first time. won't that be weird XD). ain't that cool?!
our teacher, Cikgu Alias wrote a book about how their PET TURTLE went lost last year. it's name was Dude. Hence the title of the book, "Mana Dude?!" ("Where's Dude?!") i like the word hence. will use it any time possible. sorry.

other people featured in the book AND posted on the COVER were Natasha, Sau Mun, Alani (a.k.a. Lani) Mas and obviously, Hana. I'm SO gonna buy that book. I'll force my dad the next time we go to MPH like "Ayaaaah kengkawan E'na ade dlm buku ni pliiiissss i'll drop everything else for this book pliiiiissss cikgu E'na tulis! serious ari tu Nurin dpt A untuk BM cuz cikgu ni ajar SERIOUSLY." well i dunno if Nurin DID get an A for BM but he IS a good teacher. good enough to write books :D

NEXT worst. news. possible.

somehow I can't play Sorority Life DDD"X

isn't that just the WORST news you could GET after DAYS of not playing it?! some one must've stolen my Sweetheart by now. so not fair.

anddd somethings else such as videos I recently watched

and I got freaked out by THIS.

okay fine i'll just put that one. I'm following "Namine in Wonderland" now 8D so fun.

get ready for next posts. so much more to come.

xo, Lynnie

Thursday, March 25, 2010

modem's busted.

so here's a draft of what i wanted to blog about yesterday (before my fucking brother fucking forgot to switch off the back switch of the computer and the fucking rain came and the fucking modem rosaked). SO MANY TAU and that very day my modem had to go busted.

- i passed up my vaccine borang. yay.
- Hafizah wants to open a book club. yay.
- discovered Japanese students are excused from Blue Kawad practice. Yay. i skipped. not Japanese though.
- eek so many lah. mostly after school though, during Japanese and when the rain came.

so now I'm in ICTL and awaiting the 5 minutes Laila gave me to end. selang-seli.

okay got my turn back. we were panicking just now bout whether we were getting the cervics cancer injection today. and I'm not moaning or grumbling or crying right now so OBVIOUSLY NOT. :D

and we ate at the jamuan XD semua macam makanan kantin biase je.

okay that's it. OH here's something you guys can interact with. :D

imagine your house is near the school and there was lightning everywhere and it's gonna rain soon, you can tell, would you wait for your dad/mom/driver to come and wasted petrol or risk getting lightning shock or soaked in the rain or whatever (Laila just said that it's impossible to get lightning shock at the housing area near our schol cuz it's all trees. WHATEVER :P) ?????????

big question. cuz it happened in reality.
i don't ferking care if you're a runner, I've watched so many movies where they get lightning shock in the FOREST.
fine laila you can take it back now.
WAIT i'll end it :D

xo, Lynnie ^ ^

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

it couldn't have goten any worse.

it was one of the worst days I've ever had.

first I forgot to bring the borang for that vaksin thing (when everybody else did, except people who didnt come of course.)
then during PJK i totally sucked at badminton. I'm so sorry Sarah Sheila. I know I sucked and because of that you didn't get a good time enjoying badminton which you're most probably good at. I'm sorry.
then I discovered that Laila got nominated for prefect and I didn't. Gawd, you don't know the amount of disappointment I've had with this prefect thing. First I totally wasted my chance last year *CRIES* then Hanis gets to be a prefect and now LAILA?! I know, Laila hasn't decide if she wants to be one but STILL OMG ARGH! DDDD:<


but then when I stayed back for Rumah Biru, everything went nicely :D except for that head poking thing with Eva.. even though she doesnt care... i'm still feeling guilty... sigh.

Nadrah gave me one of her aunts DELISH brownies XD yesterday jer dah dapat dua.. hari ni ade lagi XD EEK so sedap! XD THANKS NADRAH ;D

then hung out with Marmar and Cassie ;) saw their class photo's. saw Adline's 2B class photos. now I wanna see 2A, 2C, 2D and 2F punye XD

then went to practice and wasn't so bad :D well at the space in between the padang and the gallery I really suffered bcuz I didnt understand what was wrong and everything seemed DULL...
then we went to the carpark and everything went fine again :D learnt the tabik hormat XD it looks cool so far.. i wonder what'll happen next 8D

oh yea.. another bad thing that happened was that yest Laila called to ask for h/w and i forgot to tell her to bring newspaper :O GOMENASAI LAILA

but that's it. uhh. practically blogged on FB and Joy anyway =.="

xo, Lynnie

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

stolen from flowerbanana's journal via deviantart.


[ ]You rather be pale than tan.
[ ] You like to eat or drink red things.
[ ] You’re lustful/sexual.
[ ] When you’re kissing someone, you tend to bite them.
[ ] You’re dark, mysterious, and seductive.
[ ] You’ve tasted your own blood before and liked it.
[ ] Being out in the sun too long makes you feel weak
[ ] You’re graceful, lithe, and can appear threatening or dangerous to others.
[ ] You have incredible charm and can get people to do nearly anything.
[x] You’re more active at night.
Total: 1


[ ] You’re incredibly lustful/sexual.
[ ] Sex is almost always on your mind.
[ ] You could make someone fall completely in love with you by merely kissing them.
[ ] You’re not a virgin.
[ ] You burn through lovers quickly.
[ ] If your best friend had a lover that appealed to you, you’d gladly do anything you could to take them from your friend and not feel guilty about doing so.
[ ] You can make love with someone and drop them in the same breath.
[ ] If you don’t “feed” your lust, you go insane.
[ ] You have strong/long nails.
[ ] You could get nearly anyone you want.
Total: 0


[x] You have a bad temper.
[ ] You’re incredibly physically strong and fast.
[ ] You love the moon.
[x] You’re very loyal.
[x] If you love someone, you’ll do whatever you possibly can to protect them.
[ ] You would go on a devastated rampage should your lover be harmed in any way.
[ ] You like dogs.
[ ] You’re fairly sturdy in stature
[x] You’re either a good leader or a solitary person.
[ ] You have a hard time controlling yourself half of the time.
Total: 4


[x] You love cats.
[ ] You’re lithe and agile.
[ ] You could fall off of anything and always land on your feet.
[ ] You like gymnastics.
[x] You love to eat seafood.
[x] You’re affectionate and cozy.
[x] If someone is able to sneak up on you and startle you, you nearly leap out of your skin or swat at them.
[ ] You like yarn.
[ ] You like chasing things.
[ ] You’re an excellent hunter.
Total: 4


[x] You’re an outcast.
[ ] You feel as if you’re not truly alive.
[ ] You’ll moan when you’re hurt rather than scream and cry.
[x] You tend to zone out.
[x] You don’t feel very smart.
[ ] You like worms.
[ ] You like taking things slowly.
[ ] You like odd foods
[ ] You prefer to suffer in silence.
[x] You don’t get much sleep.
Total: 4


[ ] You’re invisible.
[ ] You have an oddly eerie presence.
[ ] You can send chills down a person’s spine just by looking at them.
[x] You have messy hair that is partially/completely in your face. (sometimes)
[ ] You’re incredibly gentle.
[x] You’re very shy around someone you find attractive.
[ ] You tend to simply disappear when no one’s looking.
[ ] You enjoy scaring people.
[x] You like the indoors.
[x] You are deeply connected to the ones you love no matter what happens.
Total: 4


[ ] You will eat just about anything.
[ ] You like to attack people verbally or physically.
[ ] You are thrilled if you can make someone bleed.
[ ] If you were with someone, you wouldn‘t care if you hurt them as long as you‘re getting what you want out of them.
[x] You like stalking people.
[ ] You find it fun to crawl into tight, small, cramped, dirty spaces.
[x] You get hungry easily.
[ ] You like torture.
[ ] You live to hurt people.
[ ] You like the idea of being insane.
Total: 2


[ ] You’re into Wicca/paganism.
[x] You like magical objects.
[ ] You believe in magic/can perform it.
[ ] You perform odd rituals on a daily basis.
[ ] People find you intolerably cruel.
[x] You enjoy manipulating people.
[ ] You feel deeply in touch with nature and hate industrialization.
[x] You love black cats.
[ ] You practice voodoo.
[ ] You tend to laugh hysterically while picking on someone you find attractive.
Total: 3


[x] You have different personalities.
[x] Your style could change from Goth to preppy in the same second.
[ ] You’re fickle.
[ ] You have more than one lover.
[ ] You’re unpredictable.
[x] You would change yourself entirely to fit in/get a date.
[x] You are fond of many different things.
[ ] You can easily get out of trouble by changing your demeanor.
[x] You often say one thing and mean another.
[x] You like to leave your clothes on the floor after taking them off.
Total: 6


[x] You have a very bad temper.
[ ] You’re usually angry.
[ ] You have to make other people miserable with every breath that you take.
[ ] You worship Satan.
[ ] You like pentagrams.
[x] You love to mess with people’s heads.
[ ] You could do just about anything bad to someone and feel proud.
[ ] You laugh when other people are hurt.
[ ] Physically harming someone turns you on. (WHAT?! ahaha lol)
[ ] You respond to an insult by viciously attacking the other person.
Total: 2


[x] You’re a very good person.
[ ] You take care with everything you do.
[x] You can be extremely serious.
[ ] You’re gentle and kind to even your worst enemies.
[ ] You cannot hold a grudge against anyone.
[ ] You would gladly endure anything for the sake of the ones you love.
[x] You’re a virgin/have never kissed anyone/have never had a lover.
[ ] People see you as being very pure.
[x] You are obedient and follow rules without question.
[x] You love God.
Total: 5


[ ] You enchant people.
[ ] You like organic things.
[ ] You’re almost always smiling.
[x] You love the world around you.
[x] You get attached to animals easily.
[ ] You’re a walking-talking chick-flick/prince charming.
[x] You fall in love easily.
[ ] You have a very bright/bubbly/friendly personality.
[ ] You don’t HATE anyone.
[ ] You like long hair.
Total: 3


I'm a shape shifter XD that's so cool. totally fits the fact that i'm moody.

broken heart.

I love this <3

let's bring it back.


so today was fine. had recess with Annie instead of Lea and Iman (bcuz i was hungry!) and Nurin didn't come :( WHY!?

i don't see why people think watermelon with asam is gross. that's the reason the asam is there - to make it taste less like a fruit! i love asam :D

And suke hati the illustrator of my book lah what she's supposed to do. plus i predict they drew Devon trying to untie Bailey's ribbon wasn't because she wanted to see her panties. it was so that Bailey would be embarrassed and Luke wouldn't want to date her again (although i doubt he does anyway) and Devi and Luke will live happily ever after. ^ ^ the end.


the pop quiz was SO easy (except for faktor-faktor pe*something* persukutuan. that was killer question. i copied off Arshvina the last minute and got three :D at least I got half!!!) but then we got our marks ---- 27/40 DDD: NIGHTMARE

then English we had to enter the choral speaking competition and I volunteered as a writer. now I totally regret it because I had no idea how to write for the theme - free. yep, actually we could do about ANYTHING but we decided on doing exactly that. Free. So I'm supposed to come up with something bout freedom right?

well, it's not as easy as you think.

good thing there's another 5 girls doing the story :D *thumbs up*

so decided not to stay back for Briged today. I'm really lazy. Plus we don't really have to do anything anyway.

xo, Lynnie


Monday, March 22, 2010

to n.

Hope you like the new playlist. I didn't put it autoplay, but hope some of your fav tunes are there.
I may not know who you are, but I'd like to keep my readers happy :D

So I changed the colours (to my favs, well except yellow, it seemed to match my happy mood right now.) and I put a variety of songs in it.

So if you're a Korean fan, there's S.E.O.U.L and Nobody there (ahaha, I know, not exactly the most popular :P)

and if you're a rocker, there's my fav Paramore there XD

and also some random tunes I basically found all around the place (Life is Like a Boat, Stay, Count on Me)

ANDDDD ANIME SONGS XD Nodame Cantabile jer, I know, but the songs I LOVE IT ingatkan nak letak lagu ending Alice Academy but I nak cukup-cukup 15 so there you go :D also Game songs from FFX and KH2 ;)

hope you guys enjoy it
xo, Lynnie

reality vs. virtual

so imma make this fast.
today SUCKED.
first everybody started the new schedule when we didnt even know what out new schedule was! (oh n i slept during assembly. nothing new.)
then my BM sucked. how could three people in my life get 19/20 and I get 14/20??? sigh. *note: read more BM books*
but my science rocked :D same mark as Tammy and Santra. all that hard work! :D so happy with a 42/50. got 39/45 for Geo. Quite happy with that too :D mom commented "Not bad" YEEPEE
then after school this was how it went:

2-2.20 solat
2.20-2.30 eat bun
2.30-4 choir
4-6 Biru

as yo can see, NO BREAKS but ROYALTY to people who came on Hols Practices XD namingly, us FRIDAYS XDD ahaha i'm starting to feel FAMILY LIKE with this group ;) people in the group are...

*start kecik ehh* Ahlam, *sorry i can't remember your name* Madiha, *sorry i can't remember your name neither!* Zulaika, is it? that form 1 gurl... Amanda, *form 3 gurl ahah cant remember again* Mas, Maryam n Divya ;) FAMILY

anyways, so it was SO tiring. went back home n slept n terlepas Asar which I qada' later (*woke up* *checks clock* shit! *rushes to take a bath*)

so i have a plan for tomorrow. ;) and NO i havent finished Seni and BM. will finish Seni now, BM nak beli buku dulu :D YEAP I TAKDE BUKU PEMAHAMAN. i hate not having books >:(


i was supposed to talk about reality vs. virtual. ngeh. tomorrow then.

xo, Lynnie

Sunday, March 21, 2010

stole some picture.

so after going through Kai's SuJu's concert album, I've decided I'll post this two pics I love most (because it's Kyuhyun XD)


I still love him even if he sweats :) i mean, I sweat, everybody sweats. the difference is HE SWEATS HOTNESS XD LAME

i think that will be the only post for today.. today has been really boring... (except the arguement with Joy XD)

xo, Lynnie

Saturday, March 20, 2010

ra ra fashion baby.

*eek, go away Lady Gaga, I hate your fashions sense and I hate the fact that your songs are good but the wording makes it awkward for me to sing while I'm in the same car as my parents!*

so went to KLCC :D omgee so much to blog about, where to start?
So first we went um WHE- oh right we went window shopping at Robinsons :D just entering it makes me feel posh. I told mom when I grow up I want to buy Burberry as my perfume like Estee Lauder is hers and we went searching for the stand and my mom was actually asking prices and asked when my birthday was :') AWW thanks mum. but i don't think you wanna buy a 75ml perfume for 250+ =.="

so after that we went for Kinokuniya :D my phavorite place in KLCC other than Chilli's and the movie theater. had 50 bucks. so what I do?

spend 43 of it.

these were what I bought:-
-Devon Delanley Should Totally Know Better
-Bersamamu di Ros Biru (which turned out to be lame, I really expected more from Washio Mie!)
-Dunia Dicipta dengan Gembira
-Dunia Dicipta dengan Penuh Gembira (yes, the sequel)
-Gempak 15 March

So yea. I wasn't planning on buying the lame book at first but the cashier girl was like, "adik beli lagi satu dapat set bookmark ni. ade 5 dalam satu paket" then i was like, "umm, boleh kira dulu tak semue ni brape?" then she was like, "oh okay. adik ade brae? *pulls out calculator*" "50" "*calculates* hah, cukup cukup jer kalau beli lagi satu 43 ringgit." "*grabs that book i've been eyeing*"
then suddenly a foreign voice from the conversation.
"Anime huh? Bace anime ape?"
I looked up and this random Chinese guy was like looking at me smiling.
"Bleach ade?"
"Er.. ade lah tengok jugak.."
I look at the cashier lady. she just smiled. SMILING DOES NOT HELP. she just continued ------- my books. then after a while that random Chinese guy said "I bace Naruto je.." Then he put down the book he wanted to read and it was like, a book smart College guys read! what's the author's name again? Scott Patterson?

Yea that's the book. See what it's about? "How a new breed of math whizzes conquered wall street and nearly destroyed it". the only way I could know this story is by watching it on HBO. and this guy who buys this (hardcover also!!!) READS NARUTO?!

let this be a lesson to us all.

teehee. i still dunno the reason he tegur me. but never mind that. i bought three comics, one story book and a mag with my own money and feel good about it! ^ ^ (even with the six bucks in my pocket)

so after that we had dinner and went for Maghrib then went to Guardian :D had fun. oh YEA after dinner we stopped by the theater. we thought we'd buy the ticket now, solat then come back later BUT Alice in Wonderland starts at NINE P.M. :'( so we just went back home. OH but we bought popcorn ;)

xo, Lynnie

you make me smile. :)

LOL. Reblogged from Yen Fern's blog. I don't care what Hafizah says.

Thanks everyone :')

Someone sue this guy.

You're welcome :D

just fun old clickables.

I've never been called pro before. I slept SMILING last night. XD who would've known a couple of tutorial videos and a lil inspiration could bring me to be called PRO? XD and yes, I'm talking about the sample video I gave to Harith last night. :D

so this morning i spent finishing my Sejarah h/w (it's not even done, but that's on purpose :D) so let's just list out my plan.

Sejarah- done until 3.3.2, will finish tomorrow
Piano - will finish tonight. might have to cheat a little on the string instruments and baroque suites.
Sivik - WILL FINISH ON MONDAY NIGHT. I don't care, I HAVE to buy a new notebook, and will ask someone's book to borrow then will rapidly finish it and ketepikan h/w lain which will most probably be corrections jer.
Seni - will finish tomorrow :D colour in jer tinggal

So I'm in a hurry because I have to go to KL with parents. So tomorrow's plan is piano class, sejarah h/w, kemas bilik (THOROUGHLY) and finish at least half of Misery Business. maybe until second verse, last chorus tak tau lagi :D

so that's it. bye and askum

xo, Lynnie

Friday, March 19, 2010

Im not the Owner ~really~

Yup. Im NOT!!

I am really NOT. trust me.
My hand s

Tahpahpehlah kak ain nih. macam macam.

so I'm waiting for my turn for piano class. yes, I have not had a piano class on a weekday for a long time now, but last Sunday we didn't have a class so she decided "How bout make the kids miserable and make a class on a Friday evening, just to save my butt from longer classes every Sunday?" well actually my teacher's really nice but today she really pissed me off. but never mind that. I'm gonna play piano sambil orang tengah dengar ayat Quran yang diorang slalu mainkan sebelum azan. yay me. somehow I fel so unlucky leaving in a neighbourhood where there's a mosque =.="

writing a note for the first (well, not really) time! :D wish me luck and make sure you read it!

xo, Lynnie

Thursday, March 18, 2010

left, left, left blue left HAK.

check one two.

sigh. today HAS to be the most extreme day ever.
we had to march around the padang for about 4 times max. for three times. then when we had a water break. we had it about 15 minutes which is a LONG time. we actually chat and they gave us until ten to rehat. i didnt had my watch so i didn't really know what time we started the break but it was about 20 to 15 minutes. then after that we just practiced tabik hormat which was easy. but so extreme ah bile practice practice giler-giler bile rehat lame giler-giler. well maybe just one giler. they didn't exactly gave us an hour to rehat.

Eva didn't come today. instead, Li Qin came! LI QIN CUTE! me and Mas and Maryam and Divya had a nice time too. we joked on how we're still counting "left, left, left blue left" in our head while walking. lol. then later I walked out of school sendiri because I didn't want to berkepit. Then later they just joined me. then Divya left. Then Li Qin came. then after that Mas left. then after a discussion about h/w Li Qin left. Then I saw my mom so I left. kesian Maryam. I wonder how long she waited by herself.

this is the way you left me.
i'm not pretending.
no hope no love no glory.
no happy ending.

this is the hardest story
that i have ever told.
no hope no love no glory
happy ending's gone forever more.
and I, feel as if I'm wasted.
and I, wasted everyday.

somehow that song reminds me of Bazil.

xo Lynnie

stay beautiful.

sigh. i love that song. by Last Goodnight, if you wanna hear it.

satu lagi stay by Safety Suit OMG! xD best giler. I think I'm gonna start this off with the lyrics, kay? ;D

Walking out the door this morning
Wondering what it is that's going on with you, on with you
Thinking of a way to say I'm sorry
For something that I'm not sure I do, sure I do

So come on baby, let me in
And show me what this really is

'Cause something must have made you say that
What did I do to make you say that to me?
Something must have made you so mad
What can I do to make you say come back to me?

Hoping for a moment that I turn around
And you'll be coming after me, after me
'Cause all that I can say is that it's obvious
It's obvious you're all I see, all I see

So come on, baby, let me in
And show me what this really is about
'Cause I can't read you

And I'll be here in the morning if you say stay
If you say stay to me, oh

Something must have made you say that
What did I do to make you say that to me?
Something must have made you so mad
What can I do to make you say come back to me

No no, not full lyrics. just showing you how sweet the lyrics are ;D
Anyways, just now I went to Blue house kawad practice.And Yellow house senamrobik was also haviing a practice. and I couldn't believe it but Eva entered senamrobik! :O UNBELIEVABLE. That evil lil thing entering senamrobik... okay maybe that's what suits her most because she's not the cheer type and although she very violent she's not exactly the kawad type (ehem no disiplin ehem xD) so best enter senamrobik if you're not athletic kan? (you're not athletic? your body size a.k.a. small good for long jumps what?)

so anywayss we had to bring the stick from the penyapu/penyodok, as you could hint from last night's post. (omg i'm being such a stalker :D nevermind out of the topic) so Eva was all excited and I was like, "Wow. You cut your hair. *she turns* Short." then I ran to the padang because I was late and I dunno what she did with that stick (omg that sounds wrong xD)

so later on when practice ended I asked her for the stick and she gave it to me (I knew she did something with the stick! all along during water breaks i kept worrying i'll never see it again :'( ). her practice ended too so we went out of school together. she was trying to steal my stick xD SHORTIE YOU'LL NEVER GET MY STICK ..! then at the school gate she hit my stomach and she got the stick. cis. pandai.

then at the bus stop she actually hit the roof with the stick like OMG it really SHOOK tau. why? she KICKED the stick upwards. pandai. >:/ then Adline showed up. and she did it again and Adline was really shocked tau and gave out this lembek takut sound you know. so funny! xD I thought Adline macam lelaki would act more boy-ish! ahaha, lol. then I took back the stick from Eva and she tried to take it back and after she won the tug of war, i did NOT let go of the stick so I kicked her and I got the stick :D yayy then my mom came.

conclusion of the day - my strong spot is my feet :D like Sanji from One Piece omg! xD but he's a pervert.. D: ahah, nevermind, he's a great chef :D

need some snacks. anyone willing to buy me some?

xo, Lynnie

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

dinner fight.

yay, Happy Chinese New Year 2010 made 100 views :D thanks to Singaporegal2007 who made this a feature video on her channel xD THANK YOU! I wonder if Ryan Higa saw it yet... 8D OMG THE POSSIBILITY IS ENDLESS XD

*eats McD fries from lunch* ew, soggy.

okay so during dinner my bro and my mom were discussing about his application of universities. then my brother mentioned his good friend, Rainbow (NOPE don't ask me how that became). My mom totally made a face. I didn't even notice anything until Bakml was all "Knape mak buat macam tu??" and the start arguing and apparently my mom find it annoying that my brother keeps talking about him.

hmm. he IS Bakmal's close friend. I would do the same. Sometimes I just don't understand how mom's mind works.

So after a session of repeating the same thing over and over again, hey finally stopped. to ease the tension, i said "OWH yea esok kene bawak kayu untuk prop kawad... kayu ape tau, kayu yang gune untuk penyapu atau penyodok tu! ahah~" *awkward silence*

so i got the kayu just now xD SO FUN to hit things with! :P

the lodger.

*sips apple juice with aloe bits* yumm, refreshing.

anyways, so I think I'm really interested in journalism for a steady job. My mom said I need a steady job and I don't think going overseas to study music is going to earn me a good job other than composer (and I REALLY don't wanna be in the Malaysian Music Industry, sorry to say) so I've decided I'll take journalism when I enter college ;)

so here's my first (well, not really) piece. It's a review about a movie :D Yay, if I get a job of going to the cinemas and watch movies and review them and get money for it, then I'll be living in heaven. And no, I'm not gonna cover spoilers, since you can't really get the whole story through this review. catch it on Cinemax, kays? ;) and no, I did not watch this from beginning, but you don't need to to understand the story :D


If you haven't heard of Jack the Ripper, I don't blame you, I haven't neither, until I watched this movie. But it's always good to know, right? So he's a serial killer in 1888 in London, and he's known to be one of the most brutal murderer ever. So this dude actually slices the throats of random girls who lurk out in the streets he aims and remove their internal organs such as kidneys and uterus for no real reason at all, unless he's crazy or anything, except no one actually found out who he really is (not like the Zodiac, who died of stroke a few days before his last court calling).

So some time later in the late 1990's, a writer (out of nowhere) comes along to the porch of a house. He says he wants to rent the lodge. The couple just goes along with it.

Then the story moves to a police detective, Manning, who has his own problems (a.k.a. suicidal wife) and apparently a Jack the Ripper obsessive (coincidence much?). So he goes to track down this serial killer that's been going around West Hollywood with his partner and later got in trouble for pointing a gun at a police. But somehow everyone knows him, everyone can trust him, except for the boss, who apparently is super sure that Manning's the killer. Why? Because the murders have a somewhat similarity as murders done by Jack the Ripper, and with his wife planning to kill herself, there's nothing more but to go cuckoo and kill people, right?


Manning was completely sane, and with a nice guy as his partner, there's no stopping him from helping along with the investigation. So they begin tracking down this guy down and somehow (yes, this is where i started actually watching the movie, the rest I got it off another review. but hey, i wrote it down my self ;D) the renters just now was involved, and so the two police detectives goes off to see them.

when they arrive to meet Mrs. Bunting a.k.a. Mrs. Couple which Rented their Lodge, she says her husband is still at work and her son just slept, the police finds something fishy is happening and so they request an invitation to come in. They ask a few questions about the suspicious husband and see a lodge at the back yard. she says no one lives there.


so the police asks if she minds them looking (a.k.a. snooping) around. "Nope."

*okay this isn't a review anymore is it?*

maybe i was a born writer :D not, reviewer.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

desperately disney.

So you know there's this thing in YouTube that they do which is called "MEP" (no, I don't know what it means.) where they divide a song into parts and then the audition is opened. people just comment or message the Youtuber who created the parts/MEP and pick which part they would like to create the video and then the Youtuber will give the others the link to download the song and then they give a closing date, then start doing your stuff. some of them make couple videos or couple crossover videos.

Lately i just commented on this MEP which has a few more open spots. it's been 2 months since that Youtuber added that video but not many has really cared about it. but I decided I'll do my best on my first MEP. Well, the Youtuber haven't replied my comment but I hope there's still open spots or the MEP's not canceled :D This is the video.

Yes, it is definitely not my type of music but doom/death/tragedy? so my thing. I'll use a lot of affects because KH isn't exactly the most death-like RPG ever, except during Roxas's End and Xion's Death. :'( I think I'll use a lot of Xion, because Orgy 13 are definitely the most sad characters in KH. And maybe I'll pick a lot of Xion videos, since she didn't get a happy ending. :'( I'm thinking of Part 8, and maybe I'll look for the lyrics so that I can relate the video with the song.

And these MEPs aren't ALL on KH. or FF. I've recently found these entertaining - Disney characters being bitchy. Here's the video.

And I haven't watched these but it seems fun. :D All Disney, huh?

Enjoy! :D

two's the new one.

ahaha, uploaded two videos instead of one ;P

first up, Celcom KH ad. people PLEASE watch because this is my first Sony Vegas video and I need comments and rates. plus it's not that long, just one minute! :D PLEASE? Yes? THANK YOU! XD

Shitzu. I got the long screen one. =.="

Second one, ngeh, you may or may not watch it, because I didn't really edit it :PI just changed the song WHICH thankfully, have not been disabled. This is the same case as the Come Home SoKai Tribute. It has "content that is owned by someone else". =.=" Okay anyways. Here it is.

AHAH eheehee got the shorter screen one ;)

So actually this video has a STORYLINE. Lets copy n paste the *parts* of description, shall we?

"So one of my hobbies, I gotta admit is watching videos like this from KH and FF then mute it while I play another song and i admit that this actually made me see a storyline.

Terra's gay for Xenahort, Ven's trying to impress Aqua, Aqua's chasing Terra, Xenahort's using Ven and Terra's jealous. King Mickey comes and spoils their fun.

Okay you may even need a character intro.

Terra's the tallest of the armor people.
Aqua's the girl of the armor people.
Ven's the shortest *and looks like Roxas* of the armor people (no, they're not the same person, Ven's from the past and Roxas is a nobody who's destined to live as his "somebody"/original person / disappear/die.) yeaa the storyline was never clear.
Xenahort's the baldy.
and you know who Mickey is. ;D if you don't, he's the mouse at the end. 
And that face masked person HAS A NAME but i forgot :D

so, ENJOY :D

xo, Lynnie
p.s, people haven't commented on the Doraemon song thingy... just proves that people couldn't care less.. if you think it's a dumb idea, ALSO shoutbox. i just need help, you know, someone to discuss all this with.

I'm the eighth.

Yay me for actually going to the bummer reunion at Midvalley.

Mom just called and called me "cheap". yayyy. I'm a whore now. Even to my mom.
i didn't thought it sucked at all. and mom just HAD to call me cheap. anyways. pictures. they suck as well.

We went bowling and then went for lunch. i got STRIKE ONCE after a LINE of 6's! and Bazil got double strike. =.=" lucky bitch.

so after lunch they wanted to go for snooker so i left.

sigh. i LOVED they way I left. somehow.

i borrowed Bazil's hp to call mom, skali Kak Ain dah call my hp. so i talked to her for a while and told her i want to go home already. so then i gave Bazil's hp back (was searching around for him and he was like, "here" right under my nose! lol)then i said "I'm.. going now," and he's like, "Oh okay" then i waved and left. i went the way i came but then Kak Ain called again saying that mom's gonna meet me at Secret Recipe which is back the way i went from so I patah balik. hopefully they didn't see me.

so yeah. sigh. i see why i had a crush on Bazil in the first place. he's so nice. Abu was also talking to me. Arun and Kenneth was nice once in a while jer. The others TOTALLY ignored me >:( never mind that.

anywayss the internet was busted for a few days (was that a day and a half?) and I managed to make TWO VIDEOS XD

well okay i've been working on one of it before the Internet got busted but was totally bored of it and the other I really didn't edit anything (I'm not even sure if it's gonna stay for long because of copyrights, dammit) but it's gonna be great ;D

and i managed to learn how to use Vegas 8 through YouTube (I don't need you Harith! [joking] ) wow. I'm even gonna make another one with the Doraemon theme. should I make it using the whole song (2 mins plus) or the song that they use for the beginning of the episode (less than a minute)? Shoutbox. thanks. I wanted to make a Welcome to My Life with Roxas but when I searched for it on YouTube OMG BELAMBAK *delete* so now I'm working on Misery Business sang by Orgy 13 ^ ^ hopefully that doesn't have a copyright. :O I HATE COPYRIGHTSS

xo, Lynnie

Saturday, March 13, 2010

bokura ga ita episode 7.

that ass Yano. I wish he'd go to 'ell.

nothing wrong with crying.

I actually cried watching this. A MUST watch.

bokura ga ita episode 6.

suki dakara, suki dakara, zettai suki dakara~
i love you, i love you, i love you more than anything else~

ARGH See why I hate Yano so much? Wow, I can't wait for this mystery to be solved :D

holidays are supposed to be fun.

so let it be :D

so went to Sogo. bought some stuff for Umar :)

So let's discuss about the future. What i'm gonna do.

So tonight I'm gonna do my piano homework. Tomorrow I'm having piano class. that evening, start on Sejarah notes. Sivik homework is more like "go online, find these stuff, print it out and cut n paste into book". So tengoklah if I'm bored I'll do it.

Monday nothing happening so will do most of Sejarah notes then. Maybe will finish Sivik too.

Tuesday is the reunion. Wearing most probably inner, Padini jeans, a light blue tee, bangles, my flats (tapak dah kopak :( kene beli baru...) white tudung, Adilah's bangle and Prada sling bag. Somehow I feel bored of wearing the same thing everytime. but it's not like everytime I keluar beli baju baru. sometimes Raya baru beli baju. sigh. this Raya, I want two shoes - one for the baju kurungs (heels or flats, of course :D) and one for jeans - Converse :D I WANT A CONVERSE my first one :')  Will bring camera. Reminder put a song into hp so that people won't hear the Nokia ringtone I picked sebab pemalas. prefer Sagittarius Nodame Cantabile. Or maybe Misery Business by Paramore. Maybe Life is Like a Boat Bleach. Someone, leave opinion in Shoutbox. Will be going at 11, back home at 3. tak nak miss Zohor, and don't want to solat there.

Wednesday first Kawad practice. Wake up early, 6.30 bangun solat and jngn tido balik, kalau nak main computer pown mainlah, asalkan tak pegi mengantuk. Wear everything school, and BLUE t-shirt not school. balik terus hang pants. do Sejarah notes.

Thursday Kawad also. Can wear white tee this time. balik hang pants, do Sejarah notes.

Friday Blue tee, basuh pants. FINISH Sejarah notes.

No plans for Saturday and Sunday.
Jom gi outing, Laila, Lea, Tammy, Dila, Annie, Li Qin, Eva, WHOEVER! Boring la duduk rumah :/
i'd LOVE One Utama ;)

xo, Lynnie

Friday, March 12, 2010

bokura ga ita episode 5.

okay last for tonight. ;)

bokura ga ita episode 4.

Yes, yes. I know. ;)

Can't wait for the next 22 episodes XD

bokura ga ita episode 3.


haha, lol, my previous post links are as if unneeded since in five days I post more than 10 posts XD maybe I should make it into show posts in 3 days... then pepandailah nak catch up kalau ketinggalan iye. paling senang if you go to the month's link, then you can see he whole month's post :D

Bokura ga Ita is suffer. I suffered searching for a website that uses Megavideo instead of Veoh (which is, somehow not available in Malaysia) to post the anime, and now I'm suffering to search for a website that posts Volume 5 of the series. I can't believe One Manga and Manga Fox stopped until Volume 4, then TERUS masuk Volume 9! UNBELIEVABLE :O  it's a disgrace >:( I posted the question on Yahoo Answer but so far the answer I got didn't exactly resolved my problem.. :/ So right now I'll try my best to catch up with the anime series. sigh.

YOSH. GANBATTE NE! Kinben ni hataraku, seiko wo osame te saki e!
(credit to Google translate, I hope this isn't embarrassingly wrong :P) (well, my little knowledge still helped a bit :D)

xo, Lynnie

of ikimasu and mijikai.

Let's just say I know I'll pass, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna B it. And please, people from not 2G & H, you MAY by pass me, trust me although I'm in G I'm most probably one of the most average person you'll ever meet.

It's amazing how Obata could make someone that seemed small in the beginning look important later, and tenggelamkan the main hero just like that.

Anyway, today we had "the talk". o.O it's the PMS talk. from Laurier (i think). no big.. deal. Yea it was SUPPOSED to be uncomfortable but somehow the all-girls school affect has gotten to me. almost everyone acted "normal" (normally quiet) and Laila was OBVIOUSLY uncomfortable cuz she just got hers last year mase Raya.

TAKEUCHI SO SWEEET! I WANNA MARRY HIM. Forget Nanami, she can't stop thinking about Yano, that moron. I LOVE YOU XDD

Biru practices from 8 to 10 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. SSP Reunion Tuesday at Midvalley from 11 to 3.

xo, Lynnie

Thursday, March 11, 2010

bokura ga ita episode 2.


of comics and scribbles.

I forgot to tell you guys.

After my talk with Joy I finally felt a little bit in a better mood to blog. So you know ow we are with paper. Pantang jumpe kertas, pencil dan berase boring, pasti akan menulis/melukis/menconteng kat atas kertas tu. So Hafizah wrote one of her usuals - Rules. this time, to Blogging.

the reason I'm telling you is cuz one of the rules says "This is Blogger. not Tumblr, not Twitter. there's no such thin as Reblog."


Well, every blog has their own rules right? That's what makes personality.


punched in the gut and survived.

Eva, there's this thing called TIMING. And at the back stage when everyone is busy passing chairs is not the right one to punch me then kick my butt. =.="

GEO KILLED ME I actually had a head ache. the bullet hit when the announcements said that Geo starts at 11.45. a.k.a. 30 FREAKIN MINUTES to study! We were supposed to have TWO HOURS that's the reason I didn't study Geo last night and KH seemed like CAKES. Seni felt like I didn't study (cuz I didn't). sigh.

so the reason we had to take the exam earlier is because we had to arrange chairs for an event we don't even know about! :O So the usually sweaty sweaty activities. Sigh. WHERE'S JOY?! I need to luah-luah ni... Anyways.

Just now some of the students were changing because they had to stay back. And some of 'em were sho SHEXY. Kai was showing off an "extra-ordinary extra bone" of hers which was located near the shoulder blades so we were debating whether it's just cuz she's skinny or it really is an extra bone. and she was all singlet and stuff. and and.. never mind... sigh *checks if Joy's online* urgh... why are you not on?!

and Bakmal got 5A's for SPM. it's like his lucky number, 5. 5A's for UPSR. 5A'S for PMR. 5A's for SPM. He got a D for Kejuteraan Awam. LK i thought he'd get an  but he got a B instead. C-ed his Add Maths. Chem and Physics B. Something else C... BM, BI, Maths, Science and sumthin else is A.Well at least he "Layak Mendapat Sijil" (the bottom of the slip says so :P).

well, gudbye people. I'm gonna drown in Bokura ga Ita while I await Joy.

xo, Lynnie

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i miss those times.

I was talking to Kak Ain just now about blogs and she said later when I grow up I'll look back at all that I wrote here and wonder why the hell I wrote it. So I remembered my beloved diaries.

so I spent sneakily in between studies reading my old diaries I've kept since I was ten till I discovered blogger. And I read this and it totally shook me to blog it down.

Second August, 2008.

Dear Bear,
Today is probably the best day I've ever been through this couple of months. No shrieks (mad ones), no disspointments and jealousy, just perasaan meluat. I started my day with typical "I'm a lecturer and laywer's goody two shoes daughter.

When I came to school, it was normal. I came to the group. They were checking out reptiles and amphibians (Ilana's a repti-freak). Hanis found this fake ID in Cyn's pencil box. There was a pic of Cyn when she was younger. They said, "You look like Iyra, you look, you look..." I said "You look younger." Nis chuckled a bit and said "I thought you guys weren't talking." "I never said that. Who said that?" I felt like saying "I said I won't be a busybody, i won't bug into people's business. I'll mind my own beezwax." But I didn't. But when she didn't say anything, I feel like she deserved a bit of embarrassment.

We studied normally in class, and I came down with Neda and Elia cuz Hanis went down already. On the way, we saw Vie sitting. Crying. With Naj and Ain beside her. Elia stopped by to see what happened, but Hanis came to save me from trying to make Vie feel better (thanks, dude!).

I ate an expensive drummet (that small piece for RM1?!u must be kidding me.) And went upstairs about 7 mins before recess ended. We went to Naj's class to take/"steal" SHL book. But then she didn't bring it and ended up bringing this lame "College" book for SHL mag. Then we went out and ended up not stealing anything. We so sneaky, like real thieves. We prevented from being spotted by teachers or people. And left laughing like crazy.

But when we pass through Emas 3, I saw B! He was sitting, head on table. I wondered if her was sleeping or crying. Then we asked Chua to ask him, but Chua didn't want to (baby). So when more people came, Hanis went inside. She asked me to go in, but I shook so hard, my head almost fell off. But Hanis said "Fine!" and went into the crowd that was around B. He didn't seem to notice, so maybe he was sleeping. And end of excitement!!!

xoxo, *signature*

things facts from this:
-I've experience more crazier times, although I'd like to experience it with Nis again ;)
-I was CRAZY about B when I was younger =.="
-I was really angry at Cyn at that time.
-That was during kelas tambahan iye, tulah pasal kelas bernama Emas 3, I think I was 1, Nis was 2, Naj was 4.. I was 4 before, but Ms. Mallika helped me transfer to 1 XD
-I can still remember everything as if it was last week. except for the names of the frogs Lana loved so much. :/ Al though I remember they had this thing on their skin that does something to humans... :D

I miss those kaki lima.. those walls we hit as we laughed out loud... those classes we entered (when we're not supposed to :P) Those kids like Chua that we bullied... those people and those drama... those teachers and those food... everything... i miss it all... I love everything of SSP. the people, the memories. all.

xo, Lynnie

killing and swears.

So today was ehem ehem... :'( BI was okay, my letter was more than 300 words :P I keep writing to her. EESH stop writing letters to her! Choose another name! Choose someone who doesnt exist like Iylia does!!! But that's hard... sigh.

Maths was normal laa. As long as u noe formulas, then u noe how to do. typical.

AND SEJARAH. before the exam i felt like a genius. after i felt like an utter idiot. that's the only way i could explain it.

so the study group was fun~ only rather annoying cuz Santra was still thinking bout Sejarah. Hafizah was jumping around of joy after the exam. Smarty pants. =.=" Then so many sick things happened, especially during KH. We were talking about papans and they start comparing them to other people. =.="" Aqilah was a Kayu, Santra was a Papan Lapis, Sabrina was a Skru Kepala Bulat. ngeh.

then Santra was explaining how the Screws work and she was cucuking Tammy's... you know... side of her chest and Tammy screeched and we were laughing like hell. it was so FUNNY and Tammy looks so CUTE when she's embarrassed!! XDD

then Tammy was explaining something about paku and she inserted her finger through her left hand... so you know how that looks like. we were looking at it wrongly and we were all smiling and stuff and innocent cute lil Li Qin said "I don't get it!" then Santra said "You guys think so sick mindedly laa" and SabSab said "I think everything is sick. even this" and she points at an empty plastic cup with straws in it. =.="

Li Qin said "WHAT DOES IT MEAN!!!" and Sabsab went all "You know the guy's penis goes into the girls anus.." then i said "No laa, the anus is where the faeces go out, you mean the vagina" "Yea yea that's right.."

and after a while we just stopped because people wanted to study Geo... XD so later Santra explained how prefects could actually demerit you for talking about sex. we also found out we could get demerited for SWEARING. I actually knew that, but people just ignored that rule if there's no teachers so I just went along with it. but yea, prefects are actually very light about this, you know. We should appreciate the prefects more >:(

so later i got back home quite early... tak sempat nyanyi kuat-kuat randomly :D

xo, Lynnie

p.s, have you ever felt like you want to befriend this friend but you can't because if you do another friend which is closer to you would think that you're betraying her for that other friend? or have you ever felt that you can't befriend someone because your closer friend hates/dislikes her? or have you ever felt like befriending someone randomly, without any certain reason, but you don't know how because you're not in the same activities as her at all and you don't mix with the same people that person does? comment on shoutbox, thanks~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


u wont believe wat i dreamt last nite. I dreamt i wanted to be a ninja but i didnt hve ninjutsu or ginjutsu so i had to work my tai jutsu very hard.

Like rock lee.

N remember L, my schoolmate i did a lesbian story on (omg im so sorry :"( ) i dreamt just now while i was asleep with my sejarah book beside me that shecame into my class with a teacher bcuz that teacher was her class teacher n had to relieve us and L was in trouble for not having a letter when she was absent. O.O wonder if its true.

welcome to my life.

after recess in Sri Aman during the exam week, you won't see tables perfectly aligned two by two in every row in every class, you won't see dull classes with students still loafing around to enter class, and you won't see bags on the chairs or on the floor by the desk. Every table is set separately, and every student is arranged by their names. Every student will be in class, still discussing with their friends about the next subject they're having a test on. And all bags are scattered on the floor at the back of the class, so that none of the student would cheated whenever the teacher isn't looking.

The next subject was Science, so everyone was discussing about Vitamins and Minerals in 2 Gigih. A few still on eyes and ears. When five past ten arrived, everyone automatically pack up their books and got ready to answer the exam.

there are many type of people in 2G. Everyone has their personalities. Everyone has their trades, their pros and cons. Some would worry about the next exam and try to remember the facts the learned in class and read in their books. Some slept, not worrying about anything. Some observed people around, watching them, observing what people do in boredom. What people think of. One girl in particular was thinking of what she's gonna blog about later at home. She had a sketch on her upper right corner of her front page, she thinks it's nice, but what do others think? This girl in particular was me.

So that's how my day went until Science. BM was okay, and Agama I totally killed it. But never mind if that's good or bad. So after school we had Study Group! YAY! We had lunch and then we spied on Santra who had her lunch in her car >:( then we went back to the canteen and started studying. We started with Sejarah, and I REALLY wished we spent more time on that, because during Maths we totally loafed. Most of us already left, so in the end Me, Annie, Tammy, Santra and SabSab sat at the table near the gate near the trees. At first we wanted to study SOMETHING then SabSab's sister came and she told us about the bug/something that looks like a morphed snail and caterpillar and bee, IT WAS SO PRETTY AND CUTE but Tammy was freaked out. Annie said it was pretty too, but was still phobia-ed. Sab agreed with me - it SO AWESOME and RARE XD then SabSab left and we started singing. I liked it when we sang Welcome to my Life!!! WE WERE AWESOME although Santra and Tammy phobia-ed about Pn. Mary. Keehee.

then we planned to go to the bus stop because SOMEBODY was still freaked out by the bug and thought a leaf was an insect =.=" okay fine me too but i wasnt freaked out! but Annie had to leave and suddenly Ayah datang awal plak =_=" so i went home.

I'll miss singing randomly.

xo, Lynnie

Monday, March 8, 2010

bokura ga ita episode 1.

I'm actually reading the manga too, but just for fun ^ ^ they cut out a few confusing scenes, so that's good. Obata's always have been the detailed type of person. i'm planning to read one chapter everyday and watch one episode every three days... but whatever.

left me alone.

okay, so i'm breaking my hiatus. SO WHAT?! March exam maa... could go with a couple of A's and B's... okay that's bad attitude.


anyways, today was okay... had many ups and downs... during assembly we discovered our passing mark is FREAKING 50 PERCENT. like, below it is FAIL. FAILURE. not that i've ever gotten lower than 60, but STILL. sigh.
then when i got to class, ANNIE DIDN'T COME :'(( at that moment, i knew somehow this COULD get worse... other then not having a deskmate for the whole school session today.. :'( YES, how CAN it go worse? it just can.

during recess, mua and me pals decided to make a difference - actually going to the canteen without bekal to actually eat canteen food. but i discovered that there's just things that you CAN'T change, just for the better.

i discovered the existence of APAM at my canteen ^ ^ so bought two of that. went searching with tables with Nurin and setled at one without seats but still good and we got friends sitting there (well, me. it's more of, well two people from my crowd. well, Ika and a classmate, Izzah.). so we talked and later i felt like throwing my apam at Lea after i saw her having recess with Iman at this stand-up table (this table's quite high, and you don't have to have a chair, you just eat while you stand). we told them to come over but they didn't want. i know it's because of the people there. it's like you're friends with popular people, why are we sitting with these nobodies? hello, they're my FRIENDS. i tau lah you tak cakap ape-ape about them, but i know they terase just because you don't want to have recess there tau. and i know you guys noticed us, you just dont want to sit there, right?

so after i finished my apams i went to throw the plastic away and when i got back, i discovered Nurin has also transfered. =.=" so i just went there. but i felt so left out. everyone's eating the rojak Lea belanja (i'm not so into rojak) and talking bout stuff i dunno where to butt in. i was so sad i couldn't join the conversation other things didn't seem important anymore (Joy would know). so then after a while we were about to leave when i notice the big mess on the table. i was like, "Siape nak buang ni?" and Lea was like, "Sesiape la, biarla pengawas ker.." Nurin and Iman already left the canteen. I can't say anything but throw away that heap of garbage. when i got back to take my book and bottle, they're gone.

so i went back to class, not able to think anything but "I won't care where they are." i sat on the class stairs alone, trying to study Sejarah. the bell rang and i went in the class. Lea's still not in. "Not going to care." i looked outside and I see Iman Naadhirah and Nuryn and Nurin Amalia talking. they were classmates last year, they're still close like stuck with glue guns. why can't we be like that?

so later Hafizah came to me and ask, "Why are you so lonely?" "because I feel like i am." "aww, why?" and i burst out the whole story and so Laila and Tammy came over to hear. Tammy pat my shoulders. :') THANK YOU. i felt so happy i got better friends.

so the rest of the day, a.k.a. half of maths, sejarah and science, i spent with Tammy. she filled in Annie's place. I also got into her study group! i'm staying back until 4.30 tomorrow to study maths and Sejarah. i also got my exam placement - I'm sitting behind Hafizah! yay! she's gonna brighten up me day everyday ;) and Nadhrah is beside her, like MORE YAY Nadrah cool. ;) and Xueh Wei's not far, but Laila is WAYY up front :/ huhuhu, can't talk to her and send her good luck signs. well, maybe can send good luck signs, but still can't talk to her :'( and we're also planning on cheating XD YAY i got people who has the same head as mua. and don't worry bout prefects, two of 'em (Hafizah and Kai) are on it too. :P

anyways, the study group consists of Santra, Tammy, Jing Kai (omg, smarty pants didn't study Science yet :O) Li Qin from 2F and SabSab.

so it just goes to the fact that no matter how hard somethings are, you can always depend on friends to help you get back up ^ ^ and Santra called me pwetty KEEHEE XP and no mater how much you feel alone, always know that you're never alone in this world, unless you're immune to a disease which everyone got and died of and you're left alone with a dog (ahem, i am legend). otherwise, you're NEVER alone. i think point is taken.

xo, Lynnie

Sunday, March 7, 2010

obata yuuki, bokura ga ita

Bokura ga Ita (ぼくら  が  いた) means "They Had Me". I just started reading the comic so can't really explain anything. But here's something interesting I found!!! Kyaa, i felt like crying...


Yano is thinking about Nana a lot since he moved away and his birthday was coming up soon. Nana calls and they talk for a while, the entire time Yano is wondering what Nana has been up to. Nana tells Yano that she misses him and that she really wants to see him. They try to kiss through the phone but Yano is sad because he can't physically kiss her. He decides to leave and go see Nana, but the day he was going to leave, he finds his mother has committed suicide. Nana wakes up to find Yano standing outside of her house saying that he was sorry he was so late. Nana then wakes up realizing that he's not there and it was a dream. 5 months later, she goes to the airport for a business trip, when who does she meet. She yells Yano's name and he turns around, just as stunned as she was. They sit down and talk and as Nana is crying, Yano brushing his hand against her cheek, knowing that this is real, but says that he found someone else and they are the most important thing in his life, letting her hand go for the last time. He whispers to her that she can always find him in her memories. Nana leaves, devastated and remembers what he whispered. She closes her eyes and starts to see her memories with him. Then she sees him standing at the end of the street in the clothes from when he first admitted that he loved her, smiling happily. She then opens her eyes and realizes that he's gone.

sigh. I felt like crying.

Comic by Obata Yuuki.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

hiatus baybeh.

i know it's a lil late but,

HIATUS for the exam on 9th March! Goodbye till maybe Thursday~

xo, Lynnie

Friday, March 5, 2010

tuna and bread.

i don't have much to blog about. except Annie discovered Glucose which makes her hyper and feel like running. and I let all my stress go through seni ;) I like seni. next year I'm being AJK Seni. DAH COP DAH!!! XD

mase balik i had to wait 2 and a half hours so i waited outside with Lea. then Marishka came and join and her friend and Eva XD Eva left and Marishka's friend left then Lea left so me and Marishka went in started chatting. then more and more people start coming. so COOL so many new friends X)

people who were there : Ika Idah Marishka Hanan Intan (then masuk lagi) Cynta Adline and that other person

then i had to go for rumah Biru :'(

then balik awal! I thought balik 5, skali 4! so I chatted with Mas, Maryam and Nezu. They were supposed to have a study group, but ended up talking bout Maryam's latest lesbian crush =.=" but quite interesting gak. then ayah came >.<

orait then, that's all.

xo, Lynnie


 Thank you Laila!!! SO CUTE XD
i dah hantar dah surat tu X3
yes, that is a keychain.
and yes, that is my ironing board.
and yes, that's a stack of books my mom's supposed to read.
and yes, that is an anime.
wondering what's it's name. 
i dont want to give it a random name.
ngeh. feel like calling it Birelli. somehow.

Thursday, March 4, 2010



Reblog via Tammy.

deal with it.

I'm watching Justin Bieber Loves Me by computernerd01. he's really cool >.< that's why i posted the title "deal with it". anyway.

so today was fineee. IMAN DIDN'T COME THANK GOD. you know i never even really added her on FB :P NGAHAHHA. OH and we found out Ustazah Zubaidah just gave birth X) TO A BOY XD or so we've heard from Aisya Aida.

so Agama i was hanging out with "THEM" *den den den... DEN DEN THUNDERSTORMS* no lah they're cool with me being there. but Lissa was kinda meaan she stole Lea's chair :P and she slapped my hand with a paper randomly. :D <--- if this was YM that smiley would be showing it's teeth and that was the face Lisa gave me.

and we chatted about (ehem ehem i have one) and how people keep asking Lissa stupid questions like once "Can I toot you toot" and she answered no. like DUUH. and all those stupid things laa... and some of them were even like comments like critisicing her and all that. it hurts to be popular. but it also hurts to be me. everytime i open my formspring the inbox is empty =.=" They say that if you don't have haters, it's not because you're nice, it's most probably because you're not popular. like ouch. DO I HAVE HATERS?! cuz if i do, I'm popular ;D LOL

so we also bitched about Puteri Balqis like OMG Mas says she's like INTO KAI. and no, she's not the one who sent Kai the cactus ^ ^ OOH that reminds me Hafizah was peeling the thorns of the cactus (because it was contributed to the sudut nilam since Kai doesn't want it) and apparently IT WAS ITCHY and at first i didnt feel anything and i just stared at Hanna, Lissa and Iman scratching their arms like, "I don't feel anything". then after a while I did. but Hafizah didn't =.=" AND SHE WAS READING A BOOK ABOUT FARTS :D

then during Sivik we learned a lot of stuff :D it was really fun. i like Sivik now. we DISCUSS ISSUES and not like, "We have to bla bla bla nilai murni bla..." and teacher was like, "Tengok berita tak smalam?" and Divyia was like, "ENews?" LOL! and Aziemah is so ... well, underknowledged of the world biggest burst. once she asked who Adam Lambert is. and then she asked about Glee because she never watched it.

during recess i was surrounded by Romeo and Juliet. =.=" IT FELT LIKE COOTIES and fact is I DISLIKE IT because i dunno... Shakespeare doesn't interest me. like, i understand what they're saying, and Elia has the manga in her sudut nilam (Nurin borrowed it and i read it during recess) Lea somehow doesn't like the manga version, she says we need to watch the movie to understand. =.= somehow i think it's just so that we would watch all her illegal downloading.

during Sejarah there was a perbalahan between the Sejarah teacher who was just reliefing but still was a Sejarah teacher and the Maths teacher. in the end Pn. Wan won so we revised Sejarah not so seriously. at least she gave us exercise books (Y) <--- learned it from MSN, betul kan? anyway. so Tammy had this idea of giving us papers where you can write anything and later just give it to one of them that they trust. so i wrote sumthing. but it's top secret. and i wanted to show it to Annie but Annie didn't want me to read hers so I gave it to Tammy instead NGAHAHA she said it's very emo like DUUH.

people from 1H and 1D are just so HYPER. like look at Eva. SO HYPER AND EVIL TOO like a plus point. and Annie omg u don't know how fast she talks. you'd have to understand Ryan Higa to understand her. and Tammy too like seriously. and I noticed no one from SSP entered 1H LIKE OMG :O was it a coincidence??? and 1A people are very emotional tauu. we can be happy, but we have our times :')

and I laughed when Annie told me that 1D had a court last year, with judges and lawyers and all that. and families. but that's kinda typical now a days. they make up their own family and stuff.

then mase balik hanged with Nurin (catched her by the stairs, she was like, "WAIIT!" and we walked out together :) ) Tammy, Lea (sekejap jer, but we said happy [and loud] goodbyes :') ) and Hanan. Gossiped about Kai with Tiqod beside us EEK! but she and Tiqod doesn't seem so close anymore. just wondering what Tiqod was thinking.

WOW how many paragraphs was THAT?!

xo, Lynnie