Friday, March 12, 2010

bokura ga ita episode 3.


haha, lol, my previous post links are as if unneeded since in five days I post more than 10 posts XD maybe I should make it into show posts in 3 days... then pepandailah nak catch up kalau ketinggalan iye. paling senang if you go to the month's link, then you can see he whole month's post :D

Bokura ga Ita is suffer. I suffered searching for a website that uses Megavideo instead of Veoh (which is, somehow not available in Malaysia) to post the anime, and now I'm suffering to search for a website that posts Volume 5 of the series. I can't believe One Manga and Manga Fox stopped until Volume 4, then TERUS masuk Volume 9! UNBELIEVABLE :O  it's a disgrace >:( I posted the question on Yahoo Answer but so far the answer I got didn't exactly resolved my problem.. :/ So right now I'll try my best to catch up with the anime series. sigh.

YOSH. GANBATTE NE! Kinben ni hataraku, seiko wo osame te saki e!
(credit to Google translate, I hope this isn't embarrassingly wrong :P) (well, my little knowledge still helped a bit :D)

xo, Lynnie

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