Tuesday, March 30, 2010

boredom hits like a tornado. well not really.

i'm not about to explain what has been happening recently. lets just say it's very annoying.

so here's what's not annoying :D

-EEEKK EMBARRASSMENT MUCH. not gonna elaborate much just saying sumthin TOOTALLLY oblivious to everybody else. i malu sendiri jer. and well MAYBE that person.

-Biru practice :D I wonder if ... well I know that Yellow and Red has started the Tabik Hormat too (and so have we :D get ready to see the Avatars XD oh wait no SAPPHIRE :D actually i don't like that name so much. I don't like jewelry name other than "Pearl". has a ring to it.) Wondering if Green can catch up.. or HAVE they? :O maybe they're doing secret practices at the Green's Ketua Rumah's house so that everyone will think they didn't get ready so well and we'll underestimate them and they'll do better than us and we'll lose O.O no underestimations will be made by me.oh right forgot the bracket. )

-We've started on the choral speaking thingy :D well, sort of. we've started discussing and planning, but the script insya-Allah this Friday. We were warned! I remember like last year we were warned bout the BM komsas thingy like the day before the thing and we totally blew it. well we didn't even do the performance, hence awal-awal dah blew it. so like most of the classes didn't even KNOW bout it yet XD so consider yourself lucky to read my blog. you've been warned. it's on 29th April.

-oh Shiot i was ironing my baju skolah :O brb okay done :D now i just need to solat and I'm ready to sleep ;)

-i was thinking of something while ironing :/ N- OHH yea i'll do it in another paragraph :)

Hana from 1H last year and MAYBE 2E this year was FEATURED in a BOOK XD her and OTHER PEOPLE from my batch (aha, i wrote "bath" the first time. won't that be weird XD). ain't that cool?!
our teacher, Cikgu Alias wrote a book about how their PET TURTLE went lost last year. it's name was Dude. Hence the title of the book, "Mana Dude?!" ("Where's Dude?!") i like the word hence. will use it any time possible. sorry.

other people featured in the book AND posted on the COVER were Natasha, Sau Mun, Alani (a.k.a. Lani) Mas and obviously, Hana. I'm SO gonna buy that book. I'll force my dad the next time we go to MPH like "Ayaaaah kengkawan E'na ade dlm buku ni pliiiissss i'll drop everything else for this book pliiiiissss cikgu E'na tulis! serious ari tu Nurin dpt A untuk BM cuz cikgu ni ajar SERIOUSLY." well i dunno if Nurin DID get an A for BM but he IS a good teacher. good enough to write books :D

NEXT worst. news. possible.

somehow I can't play Sorority Life DDD"X

isn't that just the WORST news you could GET after DAYS of not playing it?! some one must've stolen my Sweetheart by now. so not fair.

anddd somethings else such as videos I recently watched

and I got freaked out by THIS.

okay fine i'll just put that one. I'm following "Namine in Wonderland" now 8D so fun.

get ready for next posts. so much more to come.

xo, Lynnie

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