Thursday, March 4, 2010

deal with it.

I'm watching Justin Bieber Loves Me by computernerd01. he's really cool >.< that's why i posted the title "deal with it". anyway.

so today was fineee. IMAN DIDN'T COME THANK GOD. you know i never even really added her on FB :P NGAHAHHA. OH and we found out Ustazah Zubaidah just gave birth X) TO A BOY XD or so we've heard from Aisya Aida.

so Agama i was hanging out with "THEM" *den den den... DEN DEN THUNDERSTORMS* no lah they're cool with me being there. but Lissa was kinda meaan she stole Lea's chair :P and she slapped my hand with a paper randomly. :D <--- if this was YM that smiley would be showing it's teeth and that was the face Lisa gave me.

and we chatted about (ehem ehem i have one) and how people keep asking Lissa stupid questions like once "Can I toot you toot" and she answered no. like DUUH. and all those stupid things laa... and some of them were even like comments like critisicing her and all that. it hurts to be popular. but it also hurts to be me. everytime i open my formspring the inbox is empty =.=" They say that if you don't have haters, it's not because you're nice, it's most probably because you're not popular. like ouch. DO I HAVE HATERS?! cuz if i do, I'm popular ;D LOL

so we also bitched about Puteri Balqis like OMG Mas says she's like INTO KAI. and no, she's not the one who sent Kai the cactus ^ ^ OOH that reminds me Hafizah was peeling the thorns of the cactus (because it was contributed to the sudut nilam since Kai doesn't want it) and apparently IT WAS ITCHY and at first i didnt feel anything and i just stared at Hanna, Lissa and Iman scratching their arms like, "I don't feel anything". then after a while I did. but Hafizah didn't =.=" AND SHE WAS READING A BOOK ABOUT FARTS :D

then during Sivik we learned a lot of stuff :D it was really fun. i like Sivik now. we DISCUSS ISSUES and not like, "We have to bla bla bla nilai murni bla..." and teacher was like, "Tengok berita tak smalam?" and Divyia was like, "ENews?" LOL! and Aziemah is so ... well, underknowledged of the world biggest burst. once she asked who Adam Lambert is. and then she asked about Glee because she never watched it.

during recess i was surrounded by Romeo and Juliet. =.=" IT FELT LIKE COOTIES and fact is I DISLIKE IT because i dunno... Shakespeare doesn't interest me. like, i understand what they're saying, and Elia has the manga in her sudut nilam (Nurin borrowed it and i read it during recess) Lea somehow doesn't like the manga version, she says we need to watch the movie to understand. =.= somehow i think it's just so that we would watch all her illegal downloading.

during Sejarah there was a perbalahan between the Sejarah teacher who was just reliefing but still was a Sejarah teacher and the Maths teacher. in the end Pn. Wan won so we revised Sejarah not so seriously. at least she gave us exercise books (Y) <--- learned it from MSN, betul kan? anyway. so Tammy had this idea of giving us papers where you can write anything and later just give it to one of them that they trust. so i wrote sumthing. but it's top secret. and i wanted to show it to Annie but Annie didn't want me to read hers so I gave it to Tammy instead NGAHAHA she said it's very emo like DUUH.

people from 1H and 1D are just so HYPER. like look at Eva. SO HYPER AND EVIL TOO like a plus point. and Annie omg u don't know how fast she talks. you'd have to understand Ryan Higa to understand her. and Tammy too like seriously. and I noticed no one from SSP entered 1H LIKE OMG :O was it a coincidence??? and 1A people are very emotional tauu. we can be happy, but we have our times :')

and I laughed when Annie told me that 1D had a court last year, with judges and lawyers and all that. and families. but that's kinda typical now a days. they make up their own family and stuff.

then mase balik hanged with Nurin (catched her by the stairs, she was like, "WAIIT!" and we walked out together :) ) Tammy, Lea (sekejap jer, but we said happy [and loud] goodbyes :') ) and Hanan. Gossiped about Kai with Tiqod beside us EEK! but she and Tiqod doesn't seem so close anymore. just wondering what Tiqod was thinking.

WOW how many paragraphs was THAT?!

xo, Lynnie

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