Tuesday, March 16, 2010

desperately disney.

So you know there's this thing in YouTube that they do which is called "MEP" (no, I don't know what it means.) where they divide a song into parts and then the audition is opened. people just comment or message the Youtuber who created the parts/MEP and pick which part they would like to create the video and then the Youtuber will give the others the link to download the song and then they give a closing date, then start doing your stuff. some of them make couple videos or couple crossover videos.

Lately i just commented on this MEP which has a few more open spots. it's been 2 months since that Youtuber added that video but not many has really cared about it. but I decided I'll do my best on my first MEP. Well, the Youtuber haven't replied my comment but I hope there's still open spots or the MEP's not canceled :D This is the video.

Yes, it is definitely not my type of music but doom/death/tragedy? so my thing. I'll use a lot of affects because KH isn't exactly the most death-like RPG ever, except during Roxas's End and Xion's Death. :'( I think I'll use a lot of Xion, because Orgy 13 are definitely the most sad characters in KH. And maybe I'll pick a lot of Xion videos, since she didn't get a happy ending. :'( I'm thinking of Part 8, and maybe I'll look for the lyrics so that I can relate the video with the song.

And these MEPs aren't ALL on KH. or FF. I've recently found these entertaining - Disney characters being bitchy. Here's the video.

And I haven't watched these but it seems fun. :D All Disney, huh?

Enjoy! :D

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