Wednesday, March 17, 2010

dinner fight.

yay, Happy Chinese New Year 2010 made 100 views :D thanks to Singaporegal2007 who made this a feature video on her channel xD THANK YOU! I wonder if Ryan Higa saw it yet... 8D OMG THE POSSIBILITY IS ENDLESS XD

*eats McD fries from lunch* ew, soggy.

okay so during dinner my bro and my mom were discussing about his application of universities. then my brother mentioned his good friend, Rainbow (NOPE don't ask me how that became). My mom totally made a face. I didn't even notice anything until Bakml was all "Knape mak buat macam tu??" and the start arguing and apparently my mom find it annoying that my brother keeps talking about him.

hmm. he IS Bakmal's close friend. I would do the same. Sometimes I just don't understand how mom's mind works.

So after a session of repeating the same thing over and over again, hey finally stopped. to ease the tension, i said "OWH yea esok kene bawak kayu untuk prop kawad... kayu ape tau, kayu yang gune untuk penyapu atau penyodok tu! ahah~" *awkward silence*

so i got the kayu just now xD SO FUN to hit things with! :P

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