Saturday, March 13, 2010

holidays are supposed to be fun.

so let it be :D

so went to Sogo. bought some stuff for Umar :)

So let's discuss about the future. What i'm gonna do.

So tonight I'm gonna do my piano homework. Tomorrow I'm having piano class. that evening, start on Sejarah notes. Sivik homework is more like "go online, find these stuff, print it out and cut n paste into book". So tengoklah if I'm bored I'll do it.

Monday nothing happening so will do most of Sejarah notes then. Maybe will finish Sivik too.

Tuesday is the reunion. Wearing most probably inner, Padini jeans, a light blue tee, bangles, my flats (tapak dah kopak :( kene beli baru...) white tudung, Adilah's bangle and Prada sling bag. Somehow I feel bored of wearing the same thing everytime. but it's not like everytime I keluar beli baju baru. sometimes Raya baru beli baju. sigh. this Raya, I want two shoes - one for the baju kurungs (heels or flats, of course :D) and one for jeans - Converse :D I WANT A CONVERSE my first one :')  Will bring camera. Reminder put a song into hp so that people won't hear the Nokia ringtone I picked sebab pemalas. prefer Sagittarius Nodame Cantabile. Or maybe Misery Business by Paramore. Maybe Life is Like a Boat Bleach. Someone, leave opinion in Shoutbox. Will be going at 11, back home at 3. tak nak miss Zohor, and don't want to solat there.

Wednesday first Kawad practice. Wake up early, 6.30 bangun solat and jngn tido balik, kalau nak main computer pown mainlah, asalkan tak pegi mengantuk. Wear everything school, and BLUE t-shirt not school. balik terus hang pants. do Sejarah notes.

Thursday Kawad also. Can wear white tee this time. balik hang pants, do Sejarah notes.

Friday Blue tee, basuh pants. FINISH Sejarah notes.

No plans for Saturday and Sunday.
Jom gi outing, Laila, Lea, Tammy, Dila, Annie, Li Qin, Eva, WHOEVER! Boring la duduk rumah :/
i'd LOVE One Utama ;)

xo, Lynnie

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