Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i miss those times.

I was talking to Kak Ain just now about blogs and she said later when I grow up I'll look back at all that I wrote here and wonder why the hell I wrote it. So I remembered my beloved diaries.

so I spent sneakily in between studies reading my old diaries I've kept since I was ten till I discovered blogger. And I read this and it totally shook me to blog it down.

Second August, 2008.

Dear Bear,
Today is probably the best day I've ever been through this couple of months. No shrieks (mad ones), no disspointments and jealousy, just perasaan meluat. I started my day with typical "I'm a lecturer and laywer's goody two shoes daughter.

When I came to school, it was normal. I came to the group. They were checking out reptiles and amphibians (Ilana's a repti-freak). Hanis found this fake ID in Cyn's pencil box. There was a pic of Cyn when she was younger. They said, "You look like Iyra, you look, you look..." I said "You look younger." Nis chuckled a bit and said "I thought you guys weren't talking." "I never said that. Who said that?" I felt like saying "I said I won't be a busybody, i won't bug into people's business. I'll mind my own beezwax." But I didn't. But when she didn't say anything, I feel like she deserved a bit of embarrassment.

We studied normally in class, and I came down with Neda and Elia cuz Hanis went down already. On the way, we saw Vie sitting. Crying. With Naj and Ain beside her. Elia stopped by to see what happened, but Hanis came to save me from trying to make Vie feel better (thanks, dude!).

I ate an expensive drummet (that small piece for RM1?!u must be kidding me.) And went upstairs about 7 mins before recess ended. We went to Naj's class to take/"steal" SHL book. But then she didn't bring it and ended up bringing this lame "College" book for SHL mag. Then we went out and ended up not stealing anything. We so sneaky, like real thieves. We prevented from being spotted by teachers or people. And left laughing like crazy.

But when we pass through Emas 3, I saw B! He was sitting, head on table. I wondered if her was sleeping or crying. Then we asked Chua to ask him, but Chua didn't want to (baby). So when more people came, Hanis went inside. She asked me to go in, but I shook so hard, my head almost fell off. But Hanis said "Fine!" and went into the crowd that was around B. He didn't seem to notice, so maybe he was sleeping. And end of excitement!!!

xoxo, *signature*

things facts from this:
-I've experience more crazier times, although I'd like to experience it with Nis again ;)
-I was CRAZY about B when I was younger =.="
-I was really angry at Cyn at that time.
-That was during kelas tambahan iye, tulah pasal kelas bernama Emas 3, I think I was 1, Nis was 2, Naj was 4.. I was 4 before, but Ms. Mallika helped me transfer to 1 XD
-I can still remember everything as if it was last week. except for the names of the frogs Lana loved so much. :/ Al though I remember they had this thing on their skin that does something to humans... :D

I miss those kaki lima.. those walls we hit as we laughed out loud... those classes we entered (when we're not supposed to :P) Those kids like Chua that we bullied... those people and those drama... those teachers and those food... everything... i miss it all... I love everything of SSP. the people, the memories. all.

xo, Lynnie

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