Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm the eighth.

Yay me for actually going to the bummer reunion at Midvalley.

Mom just called and called me "cheap". yayyy. I'm a whore now. Even to my mom.
i didn't thought it sucked at all. and mom just HAD to call me cheap. anyways. pictures. they suck as well.

We went bowling and then went for lunch. i got STRIKE ONCE after a LINE of 6's! and Bazil got double strike. =.=" lucky bitch.

so after lunch they wanted to go for snooker so i left.

sigh. i LOVED they way I left. somehow.

i borrowed Bazil's hp to call mom, skali Kak Ain dah call my hp. so i talked to her for a while and told her i want to go home already. so then i gave Bazil's hp back (was searching around for him and he was like, "here" right under my nose! lol)then i said "I'm.. going now," and he's like, "Oh okay" then i waved and left. i went the way i came but then Kak Ain called again saying that mom's gonna meet me at Secret Recipe which is back the way i went from so I patah balik. hopefully they didn't see me.

so yeah. sigh. i see why i had a crush on Bazil in the first place. he's so nice. Abu was also talking to me. Arun and Kenneth was nice once in a while jer. The others TOTALLY ignored me >:( never mind that.

anywayss the internet was busted for a few days (was that a day and a half?) and I managed to make TWO VIDEOS XD

well okay i've been working on one of it before the Internet got busted but was totally bored of it and the other I really didn't edit anything (I'm not even sure if it's gonna stay for long because of copyrights, dammit) but it's gonna be great ;D

and i managed to learn how to use Vegas 8 through YouTube (I don't need you Harith! [joking] ) wow. I'm even gonna make another one with the Doraemon theme. should I make it using the whole song (2 mins plus) or the song that they use for the beginning of the episode (less than a minute)? Shoutbox. thanks. I wanted to make a Welcome to My Life with Roxas but when I searched for it on YouTube OMG BELAMBAK *delete* so now I'm working on Misery Business sang by Orgy 13 ^ ^ hopefully that doesn't have a copyright. :O I HATE COPYRIGHTSS

xo, Lynnie

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