Friday, March 19, 2010

Im not the Owner ~really~

Yup. Im NOT!!

I am really NOT. trust me.
My hand s

Tahpahpehlah kak ain nih. macam macam.

so I'm waiting for my turn for piano class. yes, I have not had a piano class on a weekday for a long time now, but last Sunday we didn't have a class so she decided "How bout make the kids miserable and make a class on a Friday evening, just to save my butt from longer classes every Sunday?" well actually my teacher's really nice but today she really pissed me off. but never mind that. I'm gonna play piano sambil orang tengah dengar ayat Quran yang diorang slalu mainkan sebelum azan. yay me. somehow I fel so unlucky leaving in a neighbourhood where there's a mosque =.="

writing a note for the first (well, not really) time! :D wish me luck and make sure you read it!

xo, Lynnie

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