Wednesday, March 24, 2010

it couldn't have goten any worse.

it was one of the worst days I've ever had.

first I forgot to bring the borang for that vaksin thing (when everybody else did, except people who didnt come of course.)
then during PJK i totally sucked at badminton. I'm so sorry Sarah Sheila. I know I sucked and because of that you didn't get a good time enjoying badminton which you're most probably good at. I'm sorry.
then I discovered that Laila got nominated for prefect and I didn't. Gawd, you don't know the amount of disappointment I've had with this prefect thing. First I totally wasted my chance last year *CRIES* then Hanis gets to be a prefect and now LAILA?! I know, Laila hasn't decide if she wants to be one but STILL OMG ARGH! DDDD:<


but then when I stayed back for Rumah Biru, everything went nicely :D except for that head poking thing with Eva.. even though she doesnt care... i'm still feeling guilty... sigh.

Nadrah gave me one of her aunts DELISH brownies XD yesterday jer dah dapat dua.. hari ni ade lagi XD EEK so sedap! XD THANKS NADRAH ;D

then hung out with Marmar and Cassie ;) saw their class photo's. saw Adline's 2B class photos. now I wanna see 2A, 2C, 2D and 2F punye XD

then went to practice and wasn't so bad :D well at the space in between the padang and the gallery I really suffered bcuz I didnt understand what was wrong and everything seemed DULL...
then we went to the carpark and everything went fine again :D learnt the tabik hormat XD it looks cool so far.. i wonder what'll happen next 8D

oh yea.. another bad thing that happened was that yest Laila called to ask for h/w and i forgot to tell her to bring newspaper :O GOMENASAI LAILA

but that's it. uhh. practically blogged on FB and Joy anyway =.="

xo, Lynnie

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