Wednesday, March 10, 2010

killing and swears.

So today was ehem ehem... :'( BI was okay, my letter was more than 300 words :P I keep writing to her. EESH stop writing letters to her! Choose another name! Choose someone who doesnt exist like Iylia does!!! But that's hard... sigh.

Maths was normal laa. As long as u noe formulas, then u noe how to do. typical.

AND SEJARAH. before the exam i felt like a genius. after i felt like an utter idiot. that's the only way i could explain it.

so the study group was fun~ only rather annoying cuz Santra was still thinking bout Sejarah. Hafizah was jumping around of joy after the exam. Smarty pants. =.=" Then so many sick things happened, especially during KH. We were talking about papans and they start comparing them to other people. =.="" Aqilah was a Kayu, Santra was a Papan Lapis, Sabrina was a Skru Kepala Bulat. ngeh.

then Santra was explaining how the Screws work and she was cucuking Tammy's... you know... side of her chest and Tammy screeched and we were laughing like hell. it was so FUNNY and Tammy looks so CUTE when she's embarrassed!! XDD

then Tammy was explaining something about paku and she inserted her finger through her left hand... so you know how that looks like. we were looking at it wrongly and we were all smiling and stuff and innocent cute lil Li Qin said "I don't get it!" then Santra said "You guys think so sick mindedly laa" and SabSab said "I think everything is sick. even this" and she points at an empty plastic cup with straws in it. =.="

Li Qin said "WHAT DOES IT MEAN!!!" and Sabsab went all "You know the guy's penis goes into the girls anus.." then i said "No laa, the anus is where the faeces go out, you mean the vagina" "Yea yea that's right.."

and after a while we just stopped because people wanted to study Geo... XD so later Santra explained how prefects could actually demerit you for talking about sex. we also found out we could get demerited for SWEARING. I actually knew that, but people just ignored that rule if there's no teachers so I just went along with it. but yea, prefects are actually very light about this, you know. We should appreciate the prefects more >:(

so later i got back home quite early... tak sempat nyanyi kuat-kuat randomly :D

xo, Lynnie

p.s, have you ever felt like you want to befriend this friend but you can't because if you do another friend which is closer to you would think that you're betraying her for that other friend? or have you ever felt that you can't befriend someone because your closer friend hates/dislikes her? or have you ever felt like befriending someone randomly, without any certain reason, but you don't know how because you're not in the same activities as her at all and you don't mix with the same people that person does? comment on shoutbox, thanks~

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