Thursday, March 18, 2010

left, left, left blue left HAK.

check one two.

sigh. today HAS to be the most extreme day ever.
we had to march around the padang for about 4 times max. for three times. then when we had a water break. we had it about 15 minutes which is a LONG time. we actually chat and they gave us until ten to rehat. i didnt had my watch so i didn't really know what time we started the break but it was about 20 to 15 minutes. then after that we just practiced tabik hormat which was easy. but so extreme ah bile practice practice giler-giler bile rehat lame giler-giler. well maybe just one giler. they didn't exactly gave us an hour to rehat.

Eva didn't come today. instead, Li Qin came! LI QIN CUTE! me and Mas and Maryam and Divya had a nice time too. we joked on how we're still counting "left, left, left blue left" in our head while walking. lol. then later I walked out of school sendiri because I didn't want to berkepit. Then later they just joined me. then Divya left. Then Li Qin came. then after that Mas left. then after a discussion about h/w Li Qin left. Then I saw my mom so I left. kesian Maryam. I wonder how long she waited by herself.

this is the way you left me.
i'm not pretending.
no hope no love no glory.
no happy ending.

this is the hardest story
that i have ever told.
no hope no love no glory
happy ending's gone forever more.
and I, feel as if I'm wasted.
and I, wasted everyday.

somehow that song reminds me of Bazil.

xo Lynnie

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