Monday, March 8, 2010

left me alone.

okay, so i'm breaking my hiatus. SO WHAT?! March exam maa... could go with a couple of A's and B's... okay that's bad attitude.


anyways, today was okay... had many ups and downs... during assembly we discovered our passing mark is FREAKING 50 PERCENT. like, below it is FAIL. FAILURE. not that i've ever gotten lower than 60, but STILL. sigh.
then when i got to class, ANNIE DIDN'T COME :'(( at that moment, i knew somehow this COULD get worse... other then not having a deskmate for the whole school session today.. :'( YES, how CAN it go worse? it just can.

during recess, mua and me pals decided to make a difference - actually going to the canteen without bekal to actually eat canteen food. but i discovered that there's just things that you CAN'T change, just for the better.

i discovered the existence of APAM at my canteen ^ ^ so bought two of that. went searching with tables with Nurin and setled at one without seats but still good and we got friends sitting there (well, me. it's more of, well two people from my crowd. well, Ika and a classmate, Izzah.). so we talked and later i felt like throwing my apam at Lea after i saw her having recess with Iman at this stand-up table (this table's quite high, and you don't have to have a chair, you just eat while you stand). we told them to come over but they didn't want. i know it's because of the people there. it's like you're friends with popular people, why are we sitting with these nobodies? hello, they're my FRIENDS. i tau lah you tak cakap ape-ape about them, but i know they terase just because you don't want to have recess there tau. and i know you guys noticed us, you just dont want to sit there, right?

so after i finished my apams i went to throw the plastic away and when i got back, i discovered Nurin has also transfered. =.=" so i just went there. but i felt so left out. everyone's eating the rojak Lea belanja (i'm not so into rojak) and talking bout stuff i dunno where to butt in. i was so sad i couldn't join the conversation other things didn't seem important anymore (Joy would know). so then after a while we were about to leave when i notice the big mess on the table. i was like, "Siape nak buang ni?" and Lea was like, "Sesiape la, biarla pengawas ker.." Nurin and Iman already left the canteen. I can't say anything but throw away that heap of garbage. when i got back to take my book and bottle, they're gone.

so i went back to class, not able to think anything but "I won't care where they are." i sat on the class stairs alone, trying to study Sejarah. the bell rang and i went in the class. Lea's still not in. "Not going to care." i looked outside and I see Iman Naadhirah and Nuryn and Nurin Amalia talking. they were classmates last year, they're still close like stuck with glue guns. why can't we be like that?

so later Hafizah came to me and ask, "Why are you so lonely?" "because I feel like i am." "aww, why?" and i burst out the whole story and so Laila and Tammy came over to hear. Tammy pat my shoulders. :') THANK YOU. i felt so happy i got better friends.

so the rest of the day, a.k.a. half of maths, sejarah and science, i spent with Tammy. she filled in Annie's place. I also got into her study group! i'm staying back until 4.30 tomorrow to study maths and Sejarah. i also got my exam placement - I'm sitting behind Hafizah! yay! she's gonna brighten up me day everyday ;) and Nadhrah is beside her, like MORE YAY Nadrah cool. ;) and Xueh Wei's not far, but Laila is WAYY up front :/ huhuhu, can't talk to her and send her good luck signs. well, maybe can send good luck signs, but still can't talk to her :'( and we're also planning on cheating XD YAY i got people who has the same head as mua. and don't worry bout prefects, two of 'em (Hafizah and Kai) are on it too. :P

anyways, the study group consists of Santra, Tammy, Jing Kai (omg, smarty pants didn't study Science yet :O) Li Qin from 2F and SabSab.

so it just goes to the fact that no matter how hard somethings are, you can always depend on friends to help you get back up ^ ^ and Santra called me pwetty KEEHEE XP and no mater how much you feel alone, always know that you're never alone in this world, unless you're immune to a disease which everyone got and died of and you're left alone with a dog (ahem, i am legend). otherwise, you're NEVER alone. i think point is taken.

xo, Lynnie

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