Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the lodger.

*sips apple juice with aloe bits* yumm, refreshing.

anyways, so I think I'm really interested in journalism for a steady job. My mom said I need a steady job and I don't think going overseas to study music is going to earn me a good job other than composer (and I REALLY don't wanna be in the Malaysian Music Industry, sorry to say) so I've decided I'll take journalism when I enter college ;)

so here's my first (well, not really) piece. It's a review about a movie :D Yay, if I get a job of going to the cinemas and watch movies and review them and get money for it, then I'll be living in heaven. And no, I'm not gonna cover spoilers, since you can't really get the whole story through this review. catch it on Cinemax, kays? ;) and no, I did not watch this from beginning, but you don't need to to understand the story :D


If you haven't heard of Jack the Ripper, I don't blame you, I haven't neither, until I watched this movie. But it's always good to know, right? So he's a serial killer in 1888 in London, and he's known to be one of the most brutal murderer ever. So this dude actually slices the throats of random girls who lurk out in the streets he aims and remove their internal organs such as kidneys and uterus for no real reason at all, unless he's crazy or anything, except no one actually found out who he really is (not like the Zodiac, who died of stroke a few days before his last court calling).

So some time later in the late 1990's, a writer (out of nowhere) comes along to the porch of a house. He says he wants to rent the lodge. The couple just goes along with it.

Then the story moves to a police detective, Manning, who has his own problems (a.k.a. suicidal wife) and apparently a Jack the Ripper obsessive (coincidence much?). So he goes to track down this serial killer that's been going around West Hollywood with his partner and later got in trouble for pointing a gun at a police. But somehow everyone knows him, everyone can trust him, except for the boss, who apparently is super sure that Manning's the killer. Why? Because the murders have a somewhat similarity as murders done by Jack the Ripper, and with his wife planning to kill herself, there's nothing more but to go cuckoo and kill people, right?


Manning was completely sane, and with a nice guy as his partner, there's no stopping him from helping along with the investigation. So they begin tracking down this guy down and somehow (yes, this is where i started actually watching the movie, the rest I got it off another review. but hey, i wrote it down my self ;D) the renters just now was involved, and so the two police detectives goes off to see them.

when they arrive to meet Mrs. Bunting a.k.a. Mrs. Couple which Rented their Lodge, she says her husband is still at work and her son just slept, the police finds something fishy is happening and so they request an invitation to come in. They ask a few questions about the suspicious husband and see a lodge at the back yard. she says no one lives there.


so the police asks if she minds them looking (a.k.a. snooping) around. "Nope."

*okay this isn't a review anymore is it?*

maybe i was a born writer :D not, reviewer.

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