Thursday, March 25, 2010

modem's busted.

so here's a draft of what i wanted to blog about yesterday (before my fucking brother fucking forgot to switch off the back switch of the computer and the fucking rain came and the fucking modem rosaked). SO MANY TAU and that very day my modem had to go busted.

- i passed up my vaccine borang. yay.
- Hafizah wants to open a book club. yay.
- discovered Japanese students are excused from Blue Kawad practice. Yay. i skipped. not Japanese though.
- eek so many lah. mostly after school though, during Japanese and when the rain came.

so now I'm in ICTL and awaiting the 5 minutes Laila gave me to end. selang-seli.

okay got my turn back. we were panicking just now bout whether we were getting the cervics cancer injection today. and I'm not moaning or grumbling or crying right now so OBVIOUSLY NOT. :D

and we ate at the jamuan XD semua macam makanan kantin biase je.

okay that's it. OH here's something you guys can interact with. :D

imagine your house is near the school and there was lightning everywhere and it's gonna rain soon, you can tell, would you wait for your dad/mom/driver to come and wasted petrol or risk getting lightning shock or soaked in the rain or whatever (Laila just said that it's impossible to get lightning shock at the housing area near our schol cuz it's all trees. WHATEVER :P) ?????????

big question. cuz it happened in reality.
i don't ferking care if you're a runner, I've watched so many movies where they get lightning shock in the FOREST.
fine laila you can take it back now.
WAIT i'll end it :D

xo, Lynnie ^ ^

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