Sunday, March 7, 2010

obata yuuki, bokura ga ita

Bokura ga Ita (ぼくら  が  いた) means "They Had Me". I just started reading the comic so can't really explain anything. But here's something interesting I found!!! Kyaa, i felt like crying...


Yano is thinking about Nana a lot since he moved away and his birthday was coming up soon. Nana calls and they talk for a while, the entire time Yano is wondering what Nana has been up to. Nana tells Yano that she misses him and that she really wants to see him. They try to kiss through the phone but Yano is sad because he can't physically kiss her. He decides to leave and go see Nana, but the day he was going to leave, he finds his mother has committed suicide. Nana wakes up to find Yano standing outside of her house saying that he was sorry he was so late. Nana then wakes up realizing that he's not there and it was a dream. 5 months later, she goes to the airport for a business trip, when who does she meet. She yells Yano's name and he turns around, just as stunned as she was. They sit down and talk and as Nana is crying, Yano brushing his hand against her cheek, knowing that this is real, but says that he found someone else and they are the most important thing in his life, letting her hand go for the last time. He whispers to her that she can always find him in her memories. Nana leaves, devastated and remembers what he whispered. She closes her eyes and starts to see her memories with him. Then she sees him standing at the end of the street in the clothes from when he first admitted that he loved her, smiling happily. She then opens her eyes and realizes that he's gone.

sigh. I felt like crying.

Comic by Obata Yuuki.

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