Friday, March 12, 2010

of ikimasu and mijikai.

Let's just say I know I'll pass, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna B it. And please, people from not 2G & H, you MAY by pass me, trust me although I'm in G I'm most probably one of the most average person you'll ever meet.

It's amazing how Obata could make someone that seemed small in the beginning look important later, and tenggelamkan the main hero just like that.

Anyway, today we had "the talk". o.O it's the PMS talk. from Laurier (i think). no big.. deal. Yea it was SUPPOSED to be uncomfortable but somehow the all-girls school affect has gotten to me. almost everyone acted "normal" (normally quiet) and Laila was OBVIOUSLY uncomfortable cuz she just got hers last year mase Raya.

TAKEUCHI SO SWEEET! I WANNA MARRY HIM. Forget Nanami, she can't stop thinking about Yano, that moron. I LOVE YOU XDD

Biru practices from 8 to 10 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. SSP Reunion Tuesday at Midvalley from 11 to 3.

xo, Lynnie

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