Tuesday, March 30, 2010


you guys might notice something. something. about one of the character. something.

i call it Studio You XD that's just sementara waktu kays. and no, it's not a short story. planning to actually write a light novel :D

The studio feels brand new and unused. They say it’s new in the school. I’m a new student. Everybody seems so unfamiliar, and they ignore my existence. They’re either engrossed in their practice or engrossed talking to their friends. I wouldn’t blame them. I’m quite a talker myself, but not really a friend maker. I place my violin under my chin and start warming up. I’m not the only one. Although it sounds quite noisy, nobody minds. That’s what an orchestra’s about.
I’m used to warming up, so my hands seem to do everything automatically. I lost my thoughts into wonders – whether I’ll fit in in this school and whether I’ll stand out or sink in with the rest. The orchestra had always been my life. Then my thoughts drift back to my old school, where my old friends were, and I knew everyone on the team, and everyone knew me, and everyone could talk to anyone.
I closed my eyes. I could hear the separate sounds of each violin. There were about five. As I grew deeper into thought, the sounds seem to fade. Then I remember my parents.
“Hello,” a voice said as my eyes pop back open.  In front of me stood a petite girl with dark blonde hair and a violin in her hand. She sat next to me, smiling. “My name’s Eve. What’s yours?”
“I’m Melanie,” I replied. “Mel for short.”
Mel! The familiar voice drifts in my head. It echoes in my ear. It’s annoying.
She nodded and started warming up herself. I looked around. Nothing changed. Everybody obviously didn’t notice me drift off into space. My eyes caught notice of a guy who was sitting with the rest of the guitarists. He had strawberry blonde hair, heavier on the blonde. He wasn’t really playing his guitar, neither was he ignoring it. He was just plucking the strings. Maybe he’s drifted off too.
“Hey,” Eve called. “Have you gotten the new score for ‘Take These Wings’?”
“Umm,” I hesitated. “I’m… new here so I didn’t really get any scores at all.”


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