Thursday, March 11, 2010

punched in the gut and survived.

Eva, there's this thing called TIMING. And at the back stage when everyone is busy passing chairs is not the right one to punch me then kick my butt. =.="

GEO KILLED ME I actually had a head ache. the bullet hit when the announcements said that Geo starts at 11.45. a.k.a. 30 FREAKIN MINUTES to study! We were supposed to have TWO HOURS that's the reason I didn't study Geo last night and KH seemed like CAKES. Seni felt like I didn't study (cuz I didn't). sigh.

so the reason we had to take the exam earlier is because we had to arrange chairs for an event we don't even know about! :O So the usually sweaty sweaty activities. Sigh. WHERE'S JOY?! I need to luah-luah ni... Anyways.

Just now some of the students were changing because they had to stay back. And some of 'em were sho SHEXY. Kai was showing off an "extra-ordinary extra bone" of hers which was located near the shoulder blades so we were debating whether it's just cuz she's skinny or it really is an extra bone. and she was all singlet and stuff. and and.. never mind... sigh *checks if Joy's online* urgh... why are you not on?!

and Bakmal got 5A's for SPM. it's like his lucky number, 5. 5A's for UPSR. 5A'S for PMR. 5A's for SPM. He got a D for Kejuteraan Awam. LK i thought he'd get an  but he got a B instead. C-ed his Add Maths. Chem and Physics B. Something else C... BM, BI, Maths, Science and sumthin else is A.Well at least he "Layak Mendapat Sijil" (the bottom of the slip says so :P).

well, gudbye people. I'm gonna drown in Bokura ga Ita while I await Joy.

xo, Lynnie

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